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Band Title Label Price
Love and Rockets Earth Sun Moon CD Beggars Banquet$12.99
Love and Rockets Earth Sun Moon CD (USED) Beggars Banquet$6.99
Love and Rockets Sorted! The Best of Love and Rockets CD Beggars Banquet$9.99
love and rockets seventh dream of teenage heaven USED cd rca$7.99
Love as Laughter Laughter's Fifth CD Sub Pop$12.99
Love Generation A Generation of Love LP Imperial$9.98
Love Is Allmp3 Nine Times That Same Song CD What's Yr Rupture$11.99
Love Is All Nine Times That Same Song 2xCD What's Your Rupture$11.99
Love Is All Busy Doing Nothing 12" What's Your Rupture$9.99
Love Is All A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night CD What's Your Rupture$6.49
Love Is All A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night LP What's Your Rupture$11.99
Love Is All Covers EP 12" What's Your Rupture$9.99
Love Is All Last Choice EP CD What's Your Rupture$10.99
Love Is All Last Choice EP 12" What's Your Rupture$10.99
Love Letter Band Ugly Town Pretty Girl CD Red Square / 555$6.99
Love of Diagrams Love of Diagrams EP CD Matador$3.99
Love Of Diagrams Mosaic CD Matador$11.99
Love Spirals Downwards Idylls: Remastered Reissue CD Projekt$13.99
Lovedmp3 Everything, Anything, Nothing CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Lovejoy A Taste of the High Life 7" Matinee$3.99
Lovejoy Songs in the Key of Lovejoy CD Matinee$10.99
Lovejoy Lovejoy Plays Biff Bang Pow 7" Matinee$3.99
Lovejoymp3 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? CD Matinee$11.99
Lovejoy Everybody Hates CD Matinee$11.99
Lovejoy England Made Me CD Matinee$5.99
Lovelies Somer Runner 7" Meller Welle$3.99
lovelight shine makes out USED cd bigwhellrecreation$6.99
Lovely Midget North Head CD Family vineyard$11.99
Loveninjas The Secret of the Loveninjas CD Labrador$18.99
Loveninjas I Wanna Be Like Johnny C CD Labrador$9.99
Loveninjas Keep Your Love CD Labrador$9.99
Loves Technicolor CD Fortuna Pop$13.99
Loves, The Just Like Bobby D 7" Track & Field$5.50
Loves, The Boom-a-Bang-Bang-Bang 7" Track & Field$4.99
Lovesliescrushing Voirshn CD Projekt$9.99
Lovesliescrushing Xuvetyn CD Projekt$13.99
Lovesliescrushing bloweyelashwish CD Projekt$13.99
Lovesliescrushing girl.echo.suns.veils CD Projekt$14.99
Lovesliescrushing Ghost Colored Halo CD Projekt$13.99
Lovespirals Windblown Kiss CD Projekt$14.99
Lovespiralsmp3 Free and Easy CD Chillcuts$11.99
Lovetones, The Dimensions CD Planting Seeds$12.99
Lovetron All Across the Grand Charade CD Intergalactic Frontline$8.99
lovetron all across the grand charade USED cd if$6.99
Low Secret Name CD Kranky$11.99
Low Things We Lost in the Fire CD Kranky$12.99
Low Songs for a Dead Pilot CD Kranky$10.99
Low Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me CDEP Chair Kicker$5.99
Low Trust CD Kranky$12.99
Low Trust 2xLP Kranky$24.98
Low Great Destroyer CD Sub Pop$12.99
Low In Europe DVD Plexifilm$20.99
Low Drums and Guns CD Sub Pop$12.99
Low Drums and Guns LP Sub Pop$14.98
Low Santa's Coming Over 7" Sub Pop$5.98
Low Secret Name 2xLP Kranky$20.98
Low Songs For A Dead Pilot LP Kranky$12.98
Low Things We Lost in the Fire REISSUE 2xLP Kranky$23.98
Low C'mon CD Sub Pop$12.99
Low Curtain hits the Cast 180g 2xLP Plain$24.98
Low Great Destroyer 2xLP Sub Pop$17.98
Low The Invisible Way CD Sub Pop$12.99
Low The Invisible Way LP Sub Pop$15.98
Low Ones and Sixes 2xLP Sub Pop$23.98
Low Anthem Oh My God Charlie Darwin LP Nonesuch$18.98
Low Beam Airstream 7" Hozomeen$2.99
Low Beam Every Other Moment CD Hozomeen$10.99
Low Flying Owls Georgie Shot Johnnie 7" Isota$3.99
Low Flying Owls Take the Scenic Route CD Americans are Coming$12.99
Low Flying Owls Elixir Vitae CD Stinky$11.99
Low Jack Lighthouse Stories LP Modern Love$22.98
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love CD Other Electricities$12.99
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Ends of June CD Other Electricities$12.99
Low Lows Fire On The Bright Sky CD Warm$11.99
Low/Shearwater Stay/Novacane 7" Sub Pop$5.98
lowcloudcover One Little Shot in the Eye CD-r lowcloudcover$6.50
Lowcloudcover I Took a Second Too Long CD Breathing Room$8.99
Lowdown, The Revolver II CD Strange Attractors Audio House$10.99
Lowdown, The Y is a Crooked Letter CD Zum$9.50
Lower Seek Warmer Climes (Color Vinyl) LP Matador$14.99
Lower Seek Warmer Climes LP Matador$11.98
Lower Seek Warmer Climes CD Matador$9.99
Lower Dens Twin-Hand Movement LP Gnomonsong$19.98
Lower Dens Deer Knives 7" Sub Pop$6.98
Lower Dens Nootropics 2xLP Ribbon Music$21.98
Lower Dens Nootropics CD Ribbon Music$12.99
Lower Dens Brains 10" Ribbon Music$9.98
Lower Dens Escape From Evil LP Ribbon Music$19.98
Lowfish / Schengen Split 7" Awkward Silence$5.99
Lowlights s/t CD Darla$12.99
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