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Band Title Label Price
Linda Draper Keepsake CD Planting Seeds$12.99
Linda Guilala Bugles Infinitos CD Elefant$16.99
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms MASTERS EDITION CD Sunbeam$18.99
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms LP Sundazed$24.98
Linda Perhacs Soul Of All Natural Things LP Asthmatic Kitty$15.98
linda perry in flight USED CD kill rock stars$7.99
Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie LP Warner Music UK Ltd$21.98
Lindstrom It's A Feedelity Affair CD Smalltown Supersound$14.99
Lindstrom It's Alright Between Us As it Is LP Smalltown Supersound$20.98
Lineland Pavillion CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Lineland Logos For Love CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Linfinity Live at Marcata: Demos LP St. Ives$9.99
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory LP Warner Bros$20.98
Linkin Park Reanimation 2xLP Warner Bros.$21.98
Linval Thompson Meets King Tubby LP Abraham$13.98
Lion You've Got A Woman 7" Philips$4.00
Lion Fever Haunted Water CD Dim Mak$13.99
Lion Fever Haunted Water LP Dim Mak$10.99
Lionheart Brothers Hero Anthem 7" Racing Junior$6.99
Lionlimb Shoo LP Bayonet$17.98
liquid faries egg shells and snake leaves USED cd fundamentals$7.99
Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid 12" Superior Viaduct$16.98
Liquid Liquid Optimo 12" Superior Viaduct$16.98
Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes 12" Superior Viaduct$16.98
liquid soundtrack music conceived and transmitted USED cd stick man$6.99
Lisa Dewey Busk CD Bella Union$5.99
Lisa Dewey and the Lotus Life Mellow Day CD Bella Union$3.99
Lisa Gerrard The Best of Lisa Gerrard CD 4AD$13.99
Lisa Prank Adult Teen LP Father Daughter$16.98
Lismoremp3 We Could Connect or We Could Not CD Cult Hero$11.99
Liss First 12" EP XL$12.98
Listener Whispermoon CD Mush$13.99
Little Beaver Joey LP T.K.$13.98
Little Beaver Black Rhapsody LP Cat$13.98
Little Beaver When Was The Last Time LP Cat$13.98
Little Brother Minstrel Show CD Atlantic$14.99
Little Dragon Nabuma Rubberband LP Republic$24.98
Little Dragon Machine Dreams LP Peacefrog$23.98
Little Dragon Ritual Union LP peacefrog$23.98
Little Dragon Season High LP Loma Vista$13.75
Little Howlin' Wolf The Guardian LP Family Vineyard$16.98
Little Jeans s/t CDEP Asian Man$5.99
Little Joymp3 Little Joy CD Rough Trade$9.99
Little Joy Little Joy LP Rough Trade$19.98
Little Ones Sing Song EP CD Branches$6.99
Little People s/t CASSETTE Little People$6.50
Little People Let's Do the Damn Thing CD Little People$16.00
Little Rabbits La Grande Musique CD Green UFOs$15.50
Little Walter The Blues World of Little Walter LP Delmark$15.99
Little Walter Boom Boom LP Black Knight$20.98
Little Wings Light Green Leaves CD K$11.99
Little Wings Wonderue CD K$11.99
Little Wings Discover Worlds of Wonder CD K$11.99
Little Wings Magic Wand CD K$11.99
Little Wings Grow CD K$11.99
Little Wings Soft Pow'r CD Rad$15.99
Little Wings Black Grass LP Rad$17.98
Little Wings Soft Pow'r LP Rad$11.98
Little Wings Last 2xLP Rad$33.98
Little Wings Explains LP Woodsist$18.98
Live Mental Jewelry LP Radioactive$19.98
Livehuman Breakseven LP Cosmic$14.99
Liverpool Por Favor, Sucesso LP+7" Shadoks Music$45.99
Liz Damon Liz Damon's Orient Express CD Rev-ola$12.99
Liz Phair Exile in Guyville 15th Anniversary CD ATO$16.99
Liz Phair Exile in Guyville 25th Anniversary 2xLP Matador$24.98
ll cool j g.o.a.t USED cd def jam$6.99
Llips Smell LP$10.99
Llips Dos Partes CD U-cover$16.50
Lloyd McNeill Quartet Washington Suite LP Soul Jazz$30.98
Lloyd Williams / Cedric 'IM' Brooks Raggae Feet / Shaft 7" Soul Jazz$6.99
LN Gravity Gun CD Velvet Blue Music$8.99
LN Drawn By Swans CDEP Velvet Blue$7.99
LN Without Your Song 7" Velvet Blue Music$3.99
LNZNDRF Green Roses 12" 4AD$12.98
Lo Tom Lo Tom LP Barsuk$18.98
Lo-Lite Comics LP 702$7.50
Lo-Lite Sidekicks CD Slovenly$8.99
Local Natives Hummingbird LP Frenchkiss$16.98
Local Natives Gorilla Manor LP Frenchkiss$16.98
Local Natives Sunlit Youth LP Loma Vista$24.98
Local Natives Gorilla Manor PINK VINYL PREORDER LP Frenchkiss$19.98
Loch Ness Mouse Ceylon Sailor 7" Perfect Pop$5.99
Lockgroove Something to Give 7" Shark Attack$3.75
Lockgroove Calm Right Down CD Sharkattack$9.99
Locust The Locust 7" GSL$4.99
Locust Flight of the Wounded Locust CD GSL$8.99
Locust Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle: Lab remix Series Volume 4 CD GSL$8.99
Locust s/t 3" CD GSL$7.99
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