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Band Title Label Price
Lo Borges Lo Borges 180g LP 4 Men With Beards$17.98
Lo-Lite Comics LP 702$7.50
Lo-Lite Sidekicks CD Slovenly$8.99
Local Natives Hummingbird DELUXE EDITION LP Frenchkiss$24.99
Local Natives Hummingbird LP Frenchkiss$14.99
Local Natives Gorilla Manor LP Frenchkiss$15.99
Loch Ness Mouse Ceylon Sailor 7" Perfect Pop$5.99
Lockgroove Something to Give 7" Shark Attack$3.75
Lockgroove Calm Right Down CD Sharkattack$9.99
Locust The Locust 7" GSL$4.99
Locust Flight of the Wounded Locust CD GSL$8.99
Locust Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle: Lab remix Series Volume 4 CD GSL$8.99
Locust s/t 3" CD GSL$7.99
Locust s/t CDEP GSL$9.50
Locust Plague Soundscapes LP Anti-$19.98
Locust / Arab on Radar split 7" GSL$5.99
Locust / Melt Banana split 7" GSL$4.99
Locust, The The Peel Sessions LP Frenchkiss$12.98
Loden Valeen Hope CD Mush$9.99
Lodger Grown-Ups CD Slumberland$12.99
Lodger Grown-Ups LP Slumberland$8.99
Lodger Life is Sweet CD Slumberland$12.99
Lodger Flashbacks CD Slumberland$12.99
Lodger Flashbacks LP Slumberland$13.99
Loess Wind and Water CD n5MD$12.99
Lofi Low Fidelity Sound Systems CD Elefant$13.99
Lofty Pillars When We Were Lost CD Truckstop$13.99
lofty pillars amsterdam USEd cd truckstop$7.99
Lois Butterfly Kiss CD K$11.99
Lois Infinity Plus CD K$11.99
Lois Snapshot Radio CDEP K$8.99
Lois Shy Town CDEP K$6.99
Lois Press Play and Record 7" K records$1.99
Lone Pigeon Concubine Rice CD Domino$6.99
Lone Pigeon Schoozzzmmii CD Whizz Kidzz$13.99
lonesome organist forms and follies USED cd thrill jockey$7.99
Loney Dear Hall Music LP Polyvinyl$14.99
Loney, Dear The City, The Airport 7" Something in Construction$3.99
Loney, Dear Loney, Noir CD Sub Pop$12.99
Long Blondes Giddy Stratospheres 12" What's Your Rupture$8.99
Long Blondes Someone To Drive You Home 2xCD Beggars Banquet$11.99
Long Blondes Couples CD Rough Trade$11.99
Long Blondes Couples LP Rough Trade$12.99
Long Live Death do more than God... to Die CD Secret Eye$12.99
Long Live Death Bound To The Wheel CD Secret Eye$12.99
Long Weekend All Roads Lead to Roam CD 555$10.99
Long Weekend Mould 7" 555$4.99
Long Winters The Worst You Can Do is Harm CD Barsuk$11.99
Long Winters When I Pretend to Fall CD Barsuk$12.99
Long Winters, The When I Pretend To Fall LP Barsuk$21.98
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes Expansions LP Flying Dutchman$8.99
Lonnie Smith Afro-Desia LP Groove Merchant$10.98
Lonnie Smith Move Your Hand LP Blue Note$10.98
Lonnie Smith Think LP Blue Note$10.98
Lonnie Smith Turning Point LP Blue Note$10.98
Loomer World Tipped Blue CD Evil Eye$11.20
loop heaven's end USED LP head records$39.99
Loop Heaven's End 2xCD Reactor$16.99
Loop Heaven's End LP Reactor$18.99
Loop Fade Out Ltd. RE RM 2x12" Reactor$25.99
Loop A Gilded Eternity 2xLP+7" Reactor$27.98
Loop Orchestra Not Overtly Orchestral CD Quecksilber$14.99
looper mondo '77 USED jeepster$2.99
Loose Fur s/t CD Drag City$13.99
Loose Fur Born Again In The USA CD Drag City$13.99
Loose Salute Getting Over Being Under CD Graveface$11.99
Loose Salute Getting Over Being Under LP Graveface$11.99
Loosers Logic On Its Head 10" Woodsist$12.99
Loosers Natives Are Restless 2xLP Qbico$42.99
Loquat Fall 10" Dreams By Degrees$9.99
Lord Dog Bird The Lord Dog Bird CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Lord Dog Bird The Lord Dog Bird LP Jagjaguwar$11.99
Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams LP IAMSOUND$19.98
Lorde Pure Heroine CD Lava$16.98
Lorde Pure Heroine LP Lava$30.98
Lorde Pure Heroine LP Republic$29.98
Lorelei Everyone Must Touch the Stove CD. Slumberland$12.99
Lorelei Asleep 7" Slumberland$3.99
Lorelei Enterprising Sidewalks LP Slumberland$14.99
Loren Connors The Moon Last Night LP Family Vineyard$12.99
Loren Connors The Curse of Midnight Mary CD Family Vineyard$11.99
Lorenzo Sennimp3 Early Works CD Keshhhhhh$17.99
Lornamp3 Static Patterns and Souvenirs CD Words On Music$9.99
Lorna Writing Down Things To Say CD Words On Music$9.99
Lorna / The Cosmos split 7" Becalmed$5.50
Los Campesinos! No Blues LP Wichita$18.98
Los Dug Dug's Dug Dug's LP Lion Productions$20.99
Loscil Endless Falls CD Kranky$12.99
Loscil Endless Falls 2xLP Kranky$16.99
Loscil Sketches From New Brighton 2xLP Kranky$18.99
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