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Band Title Label Price
lightheavyweight isn't it pretty to think so? USED cd your best guess$6.99
Lighthouse Born a Nice Kid CD Elefant$13.50
Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' Hopkins LP DOL$18.98
Lightning Bolt Ride the Skies CD Load$11.99
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow CD Load$12.99
Lightning Bolt s/t CD Load$11.99
Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights CD Load$11.99
Lightning Bolt Oblivion Hunter LP Load$13.99
Lightning Dust Lightning Dust CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Lightning Dust Lightning Dust LP Jagjaguwar$10.99
Lightning In A Twilight Hour Slow Changes 10" - Trans Color Elefant$23.98
Lightning In A Twilight Hour Fragments of a Former Moon 2xLP Elefant$31.98
Lights Little Machines LP - Trans Orange Warner Bros.$20.98
Lights Midnight Machines LP Warner Bros.$18.98
Lights, The Wood & Wire CD Childstar$4.99
Lightships Electric Cable CD Geographic/Domino$12.99
Lightships Electric Cable LP Geographic / Domino$17.99
Liima ii LP 4AD$20.98
Like Young Art Contest CD Parasol$9.60
Like Young So Serious CD Parasol$12.99
Like Young, Themp3 Looked Up Plus Four CD Kittridge$6.40
Lil Bub Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe LP Joyful Noise$15.98
Lil Pocketknife Pants Control CD Narnack$6.50
Lilac Time Looking for a Day in the Night CD spinART$12.99
Lilac Time This Morning CDEP Cooking Vinyl$5.99
Lilacs and Champagne Lilacs and Champagne LP Mexican Summer$14.99
Lili Z The Two Of Us LP In The Red$12.99
LILIES ON MARS Dot to Dot CD Saint Marie$14.99
LILIES ON MARS Dot to Dot LP Saint Marie$19.99
Lily & Madeleine Lily & Madeleine LP Asthmatic Kitty$13.98
Lily Allen Sheezus 180g LP Parlophone$28.98
Lily of the Valley Aquatree CD Happy Prince$15.99
Lilys Zero Population Growth CDEP. Darla$8.99
Lilys Zero Population Growth 12". Darla$8.98
Lilys Selected CDEP File 13$7.50
Lilys Everything Wrong Is Imaginary CD Manifesto$9.99
Lilys Eccsame The Photon Band LP Frontier$17.98
Lilys / Big Trouble Lilys / Big Trouble 7" - Color Speakertree$7.98
Liminanas s/t LP Trouble In Mind$15.98
Limp Orion LP Morr Music$15.99
Lina Rendevenir Modeste CD Elefant$13.99
Lina Redevinir Modeste CD Apricot$12.99
Lincoln Street Exit Drive It COLOR LP Mainstream$12.98
Linda Draper Keepsake CD Planting Seeds$12.99
Linda Guilala Bugles Infinitos CD Elefant$16.99
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms MASTERS EDITION CD Sunbeam$18.99
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms 180G 2xLP Sunbeam$30.99
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms LP Guerssen$23.99
Linda Perhacs Soul Of All Natural Things LP Asthmatic Kitty$15.98
linda perry in flight USED CD kill rock stars$7.99
Lindstrom It's A Feedelity Affair CD Smalltown Supersound$14.99
Lineland Pavillion CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Lineland Logos For Love CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Linfinity Live at Marcata: Demos LP St. Ives$9.99
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory LP Warner Bros$20.98
Linval Thompson Meets King Tubby LP Abraham$13.98
Lion Fever Haunted Water CD Dim Mak$13.99
Lion Fever Haunted Water LP Dim Mak$10.99
Lionheart Brothers Hero Anthem 7" Racing Junior$6.99
Lionlimb Shoo LP Bayonet$17.98
liquid faries egg shells and snake leaves USED cd fundamentals$7.99
Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid 12" Superior Viaduct$16.98
Liquid Liquid Optimo 12" Superior Viaduct$16.98
Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes 12" Superior Viaduct$16.98
liquid soundtrack music conceived and transmitted USED cd stick man$6.99
Lisa Dewey Busk CD Bella Union$5.99
Lisa Dewey and the Lotus Life Mellow Day CD Bella Union$3.99
Lisa Gerrard The Best of Lisa Gerrard CD 4AD$13.99
Lismoremp3 We Could Connect or We Could Not CD Cult Hero$11.99
Listener Whispermoon CD Mush$13.99
Literature Arab Spring LP Square of Opposition$14.98
Literature Chorus LP Slumberland$12.98
Little Beaver Joey LP T.K.$13.98
Little Beaver Party Down LP $10.98
Little Beaver Black Rhapsody LP Cat$13.98
Little Beaver When Was The Last Time LP Cat$13.98
Little Brother Minstrel Show CD Atlantic$14.99
Little Dragon Nabuma Rubberband LP Republic$24.98
Little Howlin' Wolf Cool Truth LP Family Vineyard$16.98
Little Howlin' Wolf The Guardian LP Family Vineyard$16.98
Little Jeans s/t CDEP Asian Man$5.99
Little Joymp3 Little Joy CD Rough Trade$9.99
Little Joy Little Joy LP Rough Trade$21.98
Little Ones Sing Song EP CD Branches$6.99
Little People s/t CASSETTE Little People$6.50
Little People Let's Do the Damn Thing CD Little People$16.00
Little Rabbits La Grande Musique CD Green UFOs$15.50
Little Walter The Blues World of Little Walter LP Delmark$15.99
Little Wings Light Green Leaves CD K$11.99
Little Wings Wonderue CD K$11.99
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