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Band Title Label Price
Laura Cantrell Not the Tremblin' Kind CD Diesel Only$13.99
Laura Gibson If You Come to Greet Me LP Graveface$15.98
Laura Marling Alas I Cannot Swim LP Ribbon Music$19.98
Laura Marling Once I Was An Eagle LP Ribbon$23.98
Laura Marling I Speak Because I Can LP Ribbon Music$18.98
Laura Marling Short Movie 2xLP Ribbon Music$23.98
Laura Marling Blues Run The Game 7" Third Man$5.98
Laura Veirs The Lookout LP Raven Marching Band$20.98
Lavendar Faction Take Down The Walls CD Jigsaw$9.98
Lavender Diamond Cavalry of Light CD Matador$3.99
Lavender Diamond Imagine Our Love CD Matador$12.99
Lavender Diamond Imagine Our Love 180g LP Matador$8.99
Law of Inertia Issue #23 MAG+CD Law of Inertia$5.99
Lawn, The What Is The Sound Of The Lawn? CD Justice My Eye / Elevated Loin$0.99
Lay All Over It Never Too Fat To Fly 7" Laboratory Standard$4.99
Lazarus Songs for an Unborn Sun CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Lazarus Like Trees We Grow Up to be Satellites CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Lazarus Like Trees We Grow Up To Be Satellites (The Backwards America) LP Ruined Potential$15.99
Lazarus Hawk Medicine CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Lazarus The Trickster LP St. Ives$11.99
Lazarus Clamp Left Handed 7" Bearos$0.99
Lazily Spun s/t CD Camera Obscura$14.99
Lazy Smoke Corridor of Faces LP Jackpot Records$19.98
Lazycame Finbegin CD Hall of Records$13.99
LCD Soundsystem Losing My Edge 12" DFA$10.98
LCD Soundsystem Give it Up 7" DFA$6.98
LCD Soundsystem s/t 2xCD Capitol$18.99
LCD Soundsystem Yr City's a Sucker 12" DFA$13.98
LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem LP DFA$14.98
LCD Soundsystem North American Scum 12" DFA$10.98
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver 2xLP DFA$23.98
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver CD Capitol$13.99
LCD Soundsystem 45:33 2xLP DFA$23.98
LCD Soundsystem Big Ideas 12" DFA$6.98
LCD Soundsystem This is Happening 2xLP DFA$23.98
LCD Soundsystem London Sessions 2xLP DFA$19.98
LCD Soundsystem Tribulations 12" DFA$8.98
LCD Soundsystem Yeah LP DFA$10.98
LCD Soundsystem 45:33 Remixes By: Pilooski, Theo Parrish 12" DFA$5.98
LCD Soundsystem 45:33 Remixes By: Padded Cell, Prince Language 12" DFA$5.98
LCD Soundsystem 45:33 Remixes By: Prins Thomas, Runaway LP DFA$5.98
LCD Soundsystem 45:33 Remixes By: Riley Reinhold, Trus'me LP DFA$5.98
LCD Soundsystem American Dream 2xLP Columbia, DFA$34.98
LCD Soundsystem American Dream CASS DFA$11.98
LD & The New Criticism Tragic Realism CD Darla$12.99
LDOM First Seven Billion Miles CD Doubling Cube$7.99
Le Bleu Toujours La 7" Pickled Egg$3.99
Le Bleu Out of Le Bleu CD Pickled Egg$15.99
Le Chat Blanc Orchestramp3 Theories Sur La Danse CDr thisquietarmy$7.99
Le Concorde Universe and Villa CD March$13.99
Le Concorde Suite CD Le Grand Magistery$7.99
Le coq d'Arradon CD Arbouse$13.99
Le Coupe s/t CD Shelflife$12.99
Le Danger / J.Xavier split 7" Static Caravan$4.99
Le Futur Pompiste Le Futur Pompiste CD Shelflife$11.99
Le Kene-star De Sikasso Hodi Hu Yenyan LP Kindred Spirits$20.98
Le Loup The Throne of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millenium General Assembly CD Hardly Art$10.99
Le Mans Mi Novela Autobiografica CD Elefant$6.50
Le Mans Catastrofe No. 17 CD Elefant$14.99
Le Mans Aqui Vivia Yo REMASTERED CD Darla$12.99
Le Mans Le Mans REISSUE CD Elefant$13.99
Le Mans Entrensemana REISSUE CD Elefant$16.99
Le Shok We are Electrocution CD GSL$9.99
Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes CD Mr Lady$11.99
Le Tigre Remixes CDEP Mr Lady$7.99
Le Tigre Le Tigre REISSUE CD Le Tigre$12.99
Le Tigre Remix EP REISSUE 12" Le Tigre$6.99
Le Tigre Remix EP REISSUE CD Le Tigre$8.99
Le Tigre This Island CD Universal$10.99
Le Volume Courbe I Killed My Best Friend CD Astralwerks$15.99
Le Volume Courbe I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me LP Pickpocket$16.98
Le1f Riot Boi LP Terrible$20.98
Lead Belly American Epic: The Best Of Lead Belly LP Third Man Records$15.98
Leaether Strip Teenage Demos LP Dark Entries$19.98
Leather Nunn Take the Night CASS WYLN$7.98
Leather Nunn Take the Night LP WYLN$22.98
Leathercoated Minds, The A Trip Down the Sunset Strip LP Sundazed$24.98
Leatherface Horsebox LP BYO$12.98
Leatherface Dog Disco LP Better Youth Organization$12.98
Leaves, The ...are Happening! The Best of The Leaves CD Sundazed$13.99
Leaving Rouge s/t CD Down Peninsula Audio$9.99
Lebron Brothers Psychedelic Goes Latin LP Cotique$14.98
Led Er Est May 12" Captured Tracks$13.98
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day 180g 3xLP Warner Bros$49.98
Led Zeppelin Mothership 4xLP BOX SET Atlantic$59.98
Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same 4xLP Atlantic$59.98
Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions LP not$21.98
Led Zeppelin II 180g LP Atlantic$24.98
Led Zeppelin I 180g 3xLP Atlantic$49.98
Led Zeppelin II 180g 2xLP Atlantic$39.98
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