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Band Title Label Price
Luna Bewitched CD Elektra$9.99
Luna Slide EP CD Elektra$9.99
Luna Romantica CD Jetset$15.99
Luna Close Cover Before Striking CD Jetset$11.99
Luna Long Players 6xLP BOX SET Captured Tracks$155.98
Luna Romantica LP Double Feature$22.98
Luna Rendezvous LP Double Feature$22.98
Luna Penthouse Deluxe Edition 2xLP Elektra / Rhino$31.98
Luna A Sentimental Education LP Double Feature$25.98
Luna Rendezvous LP Jetset$13.92
Lunchbox Glow Like There's No Tomorrow 7" Magic Marker$4.99
Lunchbox Summer's Over CDEP 555$7.50
Lunchbox Lunchbox Loves You LP Jigsaw$12.98
Lune, The On the Cutting Room Floor CD aesthetics$11.60
Lune, The Sill CDEP Aesthetics$7.99
Lungfish Feral Hymns CD Dischord$10.99
Lungfish Talking Songs for Walking LP Dischord$14.98
Lungfish A.C.R. 1999 LP Dischord$14.98
Lungfish Pass And Stow LP Dischord$14.98
Lunice CCCLX LP LuckyMe$22.98
Luntmp3 s/t CD Unique$9.99
Lupe Fiasco Lasers LP Atlantic$25.98
Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco's The Cool 2xLP-Clear Atlantic$31.98
Lupine Howl The Bar at The End of the World CD Beggars Banquet$12.99
lupine howl the bar at the end of the world USED cd vinyl hiss$6.99
Lush Ciao! Best of CD 4AD$13.99
Lush Blind Spot 10" Edamame$13.98
Lushes What Am I Doing LP Felte$16.98
Lushlife Ritualize LP Western Vinyl$14.98
Lusine The Waiting Room 2xLP Ghostly International$19.98
Lusine Arterial 10" EP Ghostly International$10.98
Lusine Sensorimotor 2xLP Ghostly International$17.98
Lusine A Certain Distance 2x12" Ghostly International$17.98
Lust for Youth Growing Seeds LP Sacred Bones$15.98
Lust for Youth Chasing the Light 12" Sacred Bones$9.99
Lust For Youth Perfect View LP Sacred Bones$14.99
Lust For Youth Compassion LP Sacred Bones$17.98
Lustmord Dark Matter Hydra Head$24.98
Lux Aeterna Humming out Spools of Thread CD Magic Eye Singles$6.99
Luxembourg Signal Blue Field LP Shelflife$17.98
Luzmila Carpio Yuyay Jap'ina Tapes 2xLP Squirrel Thing$30.98
Lvl Up Return To Love LP Sub Pop$18.98
Lycia The Burning Circle and Then Dust CD Silber$10.99
Lycia Empty Space CD Silber$10.99
Lycia Estrella CD Silber$10.50
Lycia Cold CD Silber$11.99
Lycka Till Rakt Over Munnen CD Jigsaw$9.99
Lydia Ainsworth Right From Real LP Arbutus$13.98
Lydia Ainsworth Darling Of The Afterglow LP-Color Arbutus Records$16.98
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard Shotgun Wedding LP 1972$21.98
Lykke Li Youth Novels CD LL/Atlantic$12.99
Lykke Li I Never Learn LP Atlantic$22.98
Lyman Woodard Organization Saturday Night Special LP Strata$13.98
Lymbyc System Love Your Abuser Remixed CD Mush$8.99
Lymbyc Systm New Varieties 12" EP Western Vinyl$13.98
Lymbyc Systym Split Stones LP Western Vinyl$15.98
Lyme Regis Lyme Regis 7" Smart Guy$4.99
Lyn Collins Think (About It) LP People$11.98
Lyn Collins Think (About It) 180g LP People$13.98
Lyn Collins Check Me Out If You Don't Know Me By Now LP People$12.98
Lyrics Born Later That Day CD Quannum$15.50
Lyrics Born Real People LP Mobile Home $21.98
Lyrics Born Later That Day 2xLP Quannum$30.98
L´Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes L´Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes LP Kindred Spirits$20.98
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