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Band Title Label Price
L Holy Letters CD VHF$12.99
L'Altra Different Days CD Hefty$13.99
L'Altramp3 Telepathic: Deluxe Edition CD Saint Marie$13.99
L'Augmentation s/t CD Kooky$9.99
L'Augmentation Negative Walk 7" Kooky$4.50
L'Orange The Orchid Days LP-Color Mello Music Group$20.98
L'Orange & Kool Keith Time? Astonishing! LP Mello Music Group$21.98
L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes LP Kindred Spirits$20.98
L'spaerow s/t CD Lucid$11.50
L. Pierre Dip LP Melodic$13.99
L. Pierre Dip CD Melodic$13.99
L. Pierre / Lucky Pierre Touchpool CD Melodic$15.99
L.A. Carnival Pose a Question 2xLP Now Again / Stones Throw$27.98
L7 Bricks are Heavy COLOR VINYL LP Plain$23.98
La Buena Vida Eureka CDEP Siesta$10.99
La Buena Vida Que Nos Va a Pasar MCD Siesta$10.99
La Cara Ocultamp3 Del Rock 'N Roll 7" Del-Tones$4.99
La Dispute Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair 2xLP No Sleep$24.98
La Dusseldorf La Dusseldorf 180g LP 4 Men With Beards$22.98
La Femme Psycho Tropical Berlin 2xLP Born Bad Records$30.98
La Hell Gang Thru Me Again LP Mexican Summer$18.98
La Luz It's Alive LP Hardly Art$14.98
La Luz Weirdo Shrine LP Hardy Art$15.98
La Luz Floating Features LP Hardly Art$16.98
LA New Breed Orchestra‎ Jala Jala Woe Woe Baby LP ¡Andale!$15.98
La Nuit Americaine Blue in the Mist 7" Emma's House$4.99
La Sera La Sera CD Hardly Art$10.99
La Sera Devil's Hearts Grow Gold 7" Hardly Art$4.99
La Sera Sees the Light LP Hardly Art$13.98
La Sera Hour of the Dawn LP Hardly Art$14.98
La Sera Music For Listening To Music To LP Polyvinyl$17.98
La Societe des Timides a la Parade des Oiseaux Le Combat Occulte LP Beta Lactam Ring$20.99
La's The La's LP Go! Discs$25.98
Labradford E Luxo So CD Kranky$12.99
Labradford s/t CD Kranky$12.99
Labradford Fixed::Context CD Kranky$12.99
Labradford Mi Media Naranja CD Kranky$12.99
Labradford Prazision LP Kranky$20.98
Labrador Instamatic Lovelife CD Firestation$18.99
Lace Curtain Falling Running 12" EP Mexican Summer$12.98
Laced Laced 7" Bayonet$8.98
Lacewing Lacewing COLOR VINYL LP Mainstream$12.98
Lack s/t CD Troubleman Unlimited$6.99
Lack Undoing Gaze 12" 2MR$9.98
Lack of Eoins Echo Group CD Seksound$12.99
Lackluster Showcase CD Merck$13.99
Lackluster R U Oho 12" Merck$6.99
Lackluster RemixSelection_One CD Psychonavigation$15.99
Lackthereof Christian the Christian CD Film Guerrero$13.99
Laconic Honey Pays 7" Transverse$4.50
Laddio Bolocko Life and Times of Laddio Bolocko 2xCD No Quarter$12.99
Laddio Bolocko Live and Unraleasd 1997-2000 3xLP+DVD No Quarter$30.98
Ladies, The They Mean Us CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Lady Lady LP Truth & Soul$19.98
Lady Gaga The Fame LP Interscope$14.98
Lady Sovereign Vertically Challenged CD+DVD Chocolate Industries$10.99
Ladybug Transistor Beverley Atonale CD Merge$12.99
Ladybug Transistor the Albemarle Sound CD Merge$13.99
Ladybug Transistor s/t CD Merge$13.99
Ladybug Transistor Here Comes The Rain CD Green UFOs$9.99
Ladybug Transistor Can't Wait Another Day CD Merge$12.99
Ladyhawk Ladyhawk CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Ladyhawk Fight For Anarchy 12" Jagjaguwar$11.99
Ladyhawk Shots CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Ladytron Commodore Rock CDEP Emperor Norton$5.99
Ladytron 604 CD Emperor Norton$11.99
Ladytron Blue Jeans CD Invicta Hifi$6.99
Ladytron Extended Play CD+DVD Ryko$11.99
Ladytron Witching Hour CD Ryko$16.99
Laetitia Sadier The Trip CD Drag City$13.99
Laetitia Sadier Silencio CD Drag City$13.99
Laetitia Sadier Silencio LP Drag City$16.99
Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Finding Me Finding You LP Drag City$20.98
Lafayette Afro Rock Band Malik LP As the Record Turns$14.98
Lafayette Afro Rock Band Soul Makossa LP As the Record Turns$14.98
Lagwagon Trashed 2xLP Fat Wreck$18.98
Lagwagon Blaze LP Fat Wreck Chords$15.98
Lagwagon Resolve LP Fat Wreck Chords$9.50
Laika Good Looking Blues CD Too Pure$14.99
Laika Uneasy CDs Too Pure$7.50
Laika Silver Apples of the Moon CD Too Pure$12.99
Laila Amezian Initial CD Siesta$14.99
Lair of the Minotaur Carnage CD Southern Lord$14.99
Lake Oh The Places We'll Go CD K$11.99
Lake Oh The Places We'll Go LP K$16.98
Lake The World Is Real LP K$14.98
Lake Circular Doorway LP Funkytonk$16.98
Lali Puna Tridecoder CD Darla / Morr Music$12.99
Lali Puna Scary World Theory CD Morr Music$13.99
Lali Puna Left Handed CD Morr Music$9.99
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