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Band Title Label Price
Husker Du Savage Young Du 4xLP Numero Group$73.98
Hutch and Kathy s/t CD Jealous Butcher$11.99
Hydroplane The Sound of Changing Places CD Drive-In$8.99
Hyetal Modern Worship 2xLP True Panther$21.99
Hylozoists La Fin Du Monde CD Boompa$12.99
Hypatia Lake Angels and Demons, Space and Time CD Reverb records$11.99
Hype Williams Rainbow Edition LP Big Dada$23.98
Hypoxia Division of Trust 12" Make Noise$14.98
Hysear Don Walker Complete Expressions Vol. 2 LP Brunswick$11.98
Hysear Don Walker Complete Expressions Vol. 1 LP Brunswick$11.98
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