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Band Title Label Price
High on Fire De Vermis Mysteris 2xLP eOne$22.98
High on Fire Luminiferous 2xLP eOne$29.98
High on Fire / Ruins Split 7"+COMIC Relapse / Skin Graft$7.99
High Places High Places CD Thrill Jockey$14.99
High Places High Places LP Thrill Jockey$14.99
High Places 03/07-09/07 CD Thrill Jockey$11.99
High Sheriffs of Blue NYC 1980 LP Feeding Tube$18.98
High Water Marks Songs About the Ocean CD Eenie Meenie$11.99
High Water Marks Pretending to be Loud CD Jigsaw$9.99
Hill William/Holler Boys Hill William/Holler Boys 7"+Book Fat Possum$24.98
Hillary Woods Colt LP Sacred Bones$17.98
Him Our Point of Departure CD Perishable$12.99
HIM 5/6 In Dub CD After Hours$9.99
Him Razorblade Romance LP Jimmy Franks Recording Company$24.98
Hinds Leave Me Alone LP Mom+Pop$20.98
Hinds I Don't Run LP Mom+Pop$20.98
Hint Hint Sex is Everything CD Cold Crush$7.50
Hint Hint Young Days CD Suicide Squeeze$7.99
Hint Hint Sex is Everything LP Cold Crush$6.99
hint hint young days USED cd suicide squeeze$0.99
hinterlander h USED cd snail on a stick$6.99
Hior Chronik Out of the Dust LP 7k!$22.98
Hip Deep Trilogy Cannibal Smile (USED) CD Widely$6.99
Hippo Campus Landmark LP Grand Jury$13.98
Hippo Campus Halocline EPs LP Grand Jury$13.98
Hirameka Hi-Fi s/t CDEP Extreme Sports$6.99
Hirameka Hi-Fi Sprezzatura CD Gringo$11.99
His Clancyness Vicious LP FatCat$20.98
His Electro Blue Voice Ruthless Sperm LP Sub Pop$15.99
His Name is Alive Last Night CD 4AD$11.50
His Name is Alive Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth CD 4AD$12.99
His Name Is Alive Sweet Earth Flower: A Tribute to Marion Brown CD High Two$13.99
His Name Is Alive Firefly Dragonfly EP CD Acuarela$8.99
Hisato Higuchi Butterfly Horse Street CD Family Vineyard$11.99
Hisato Higuchi She LP Family Vineyard$10.00
Hiss Golden Messenger Hallelujah Anyhow LP Merge$18.98
Hiss Tracts Shortwave Nights 180g LP Constellation$20.98
History of Colour TV, Themp3 Emerald Cures Chic Ills CD Saint Marie$13.99
History of Colour TV, The Emerald Cures Chic Ills LP Saint Marie$18.99
History Of Colour TV, The When Shapes Of Spilt Blood Spelt Love CD Saint Marie$13.99
History Of Colour TV, The When Shapes Of Spilt Blood Spelt Love LP Saint Marie$23.99
Hit Device Reality Fighters EP 7" Intellectos$2.99
Hit Parade Return Of The Hit Parade CD JSH$15.99
Hive Dwellers Moanin' LP K$15.98
Hold Steady, The Almost Killed Me LP Frenchkiss$19.98
Hold Steady, The Boys and Girls In America 2xLP Vagrant$29.98
Hold Steady, The Separation Sunday LP Frenchkiss$19.98
Hole Pretty on the Inside 180g LP Plain$28.98
Hole Pretty on the Inside COLOR VINYL LP Plain$29.98
Holger Czukay Canaxis CD Inside Out$16.99
Holger Czukay On The Way To The Peak Of Normal LP Groenland$24.98
Holger Czukay Movie! LP Gronland$19.98
Holger Czukay Cinema 5xLP+DVD+7" Box Set Gronland$144.98
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit Full Circle LP Trio$20.98
Holiday Flyer Blue Harvest CDEP. Darla$7.99
Holiday Flyer I Hope CD Darla$11.99
Holiday With Maggie Skyline Drive CD Speech$13.99
hollAnd Your Orgasm CD Darla$11.99
Holland I Steal and Do Drugs CD+DVD Teenbeat$9.99
Holland Paris Hilton Mujahideen CD Teenbeat$11.99
Hollertronix Volume 9 12" Mad Decent$9.99
Hollie Cook Vessel of Love LP Merge$18.98
Hollow Ox Sunya CD Nimbit$5.99
Holly Go Lightly Jiggy Jiggy With... CD Vinyl Japan$6.99
Holly Golightly Mary Ann CDEP Vinyl Japan$6.99
Holly Golightly Main Attraction CD Damaged Goods$13.99
Holly Golightly God Don't Like It CD Damaged Goods$13.99
Holly Golightly Truly She is None Other CD Damaged Goods$14.50
Holly Golightly Slowly But Surely CD Damaged Goods$13.99
Holly Golightly My First Holly Golightly Album CD Damaged Goods$12.99
Holly Herndon Movement LP RVNG, Intl$14.99
Holly Herndon Chorus RVNG$12.98
Holly Herndon Platform 2xLP 4AD$23.98
Holm Music for Astronauts EP CD Firestation Tower$6.99
Holograms Forever LP Captured Tracks$17.98
Holograms Holograms LP Captured Tracks$16.98
Holopaw s/t CD Sub Pop$12.99
Holopaw Quit +/or Fight CD Sub Pop$12.99
Holopawmp3 Oh Glory, Oh Wilderness LP Obscurist Press$9.99
Holopaw Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness. CD Bakery Outlet$7.99
Holopaw Academy Songs Vol 1 LP Misra$17.98
Holy Fuck LP CD XL$11.99
Holy Ghost Dynamics 2xLP DFA$20.98
Holy Ghost! Holy Ghost! 2xLP DFA$16.98
Holy Ghost! Crime Cutz LP DFA$15.98
Holy Modal Rounders The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders 180g LP Sundazed$15.99
Holy Molar The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth 2xCD 3" Three One G$12.99
Holy Molar / Ex Models Split 7" Three One G$3.99
Holy Other Held LP Tri Angle$16.98
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