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Band Title Label Price
Hello Human Hello Human CD Big Black Shoes$4.99
Helms The Swimmer CD Kimchee$10.99
Helms McCarthy CD Kimchee$11.99
Helvetia The Clever North Wind CD Static Cult$10.99
Helvetia Dromomania LP Joyful Noise$14.98
Hem be completely full of 7". Fantastic$3.99
Henry Cain The Funky Organ-Ization of Henry Cain LP Capitol$11.98
Henry Plotnick Fields 2xLP Holy Mountain$23.99
Henry Thomas Complete Recorded Works 1927-1929 LP Yazoo$16.98
Henry Tree Electric Holy Man (COLOR) LP Mainstream$11.98
Hepburns Champagne Reception 3" CD Radio Khartoum$7.50
Hepburns Deciphering Linear A 3"CD+7" Radio Khartoum$6.99
Hepburnsmp3 How the Fallen are Mighty LP Radio Khartoum$12.99
Her Name Is Calla The Heritage CD Gizeh$12.99
Her Space Holiday Manic Expressive CD Tiger Style$11.99
Her Space Holiday Home is Where You Hang Yourself 2.0 CD Tiger Style$10.99
Her Space Holiday Young Machines CD Mush$13.99
Her Space Holiday Young Machines Remixed CD Mush$13.99
Her Space Holiday Let's Get Quiet CD Mush$6.99
Her Space Holiday Concrete Kids 7" Ruined Potential$7.99
Her Space Holiday Let's Get Quiet Vol. 2 CD Mush$6.99
Her Space Holiday Let's Get Quiet Vol. 2 12" Mush$6.99
Her Space Holiday XOXO Panda: The New Kid Revival CD Mush$8.99
Herbie Hancock Headhunters CD Columbia$11.99
Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage CD Blue Note$11.99
Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage: 75th Anniversary LP Blue Note$19.98
Herbie Hancock V.S.O.P. - The Quintet 2xLP Columbia$15.98
Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles: 75th Anniversary LP Blue Note$19.98
Herbie Hancock Takin' Off 180g IMPORT LP Heavenly Sweetness$27.99
Herbie Hancock Speak Like a Child LP Blue Note$21.98
Herbie Hancock Thrust LP Columbia$19.98
Here Sikusaq: The John Peel Sessions CD Alison$6.99
Here Recycled! CD Escape$14.99
Here Entre Deux Soleils CD Alison$9.99
Here Lies Man Here Lies Man LP Riding Easy$22.98
Here We Go Magic Here We Go Magic LP Western Vinyl$13.98
Here We Go Magic A Different Ship LP Secretly Canadian$12.99
Here We Go Magic Be Small LP Secretly Canadian$14.98
Herman Dune Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom CD Shrimper$12.99
Herman Dune I Wish That I Could See You Soon CDEP Everloving$6.99
Herman Kelly & Life Percussion Explosion LP Electric Cat$11.98
Hermit Crabs Feel Good Factor CDEP Matinee$5.99
Hermit Crabs Correspondence Course CDEP Matinee$6.99
Heroes of Switzerland Wish It Away 7" Club AC30$6.50
Heroes of Switzerlandmp3 Comfort in Fear CD Music to Bleed To$12.99
heroic doses s/t CD (USED) Sub Pop$0.99
Heron Oblivion Heron Oblivion LP Sub Pop$19.98
Heron Oblivion Heron Oblivion CD Sub Pop$13.98
Heros Severum Wonderful Educated Bear CD Two Sheds$10.99
Herrmann & Kleine Our Noise LP Morr Music$15.99
Herrmann & Kleine Kickboard Girl 12" Morr Music$11.99
Herrmann & Kleine Transalpin EP 12" City Centre Offices$8.99
Herrmann Karaoke Herrmann Karaoke 12" Inzest$9.99
Heterotic Love & Devotion LP Planet Mu$16.99
Hexlove/Faulouah Free Jazz From Slavery LP Weird Forest$19.99
Hey Mercedes Everynight Fire Works 2xLP Run For Cover$26.98
Hey Willpower Hundredaire CD Tomlab$5.99
Hey Willpower Hundredaire 7" Tomlab$5.99
Hey Willpower P.D.A. CD Tomlab$11.99
Hi Rhythm On the Loose LP Fat Possum$13.98
Hi Sheriffs of Blue NYC 1980 LP Feeding Tube$18.98
Hickey Various States of Disrepair 1-2-3-4 Go!$21.99
Hidden Cameras Mississauga Goddamn CD Rough Trade$14.99
Hidden Cameras The Smell of Our Own CD Rough Trade$14.99
Hidden Cameras Awoo CD Arts & Crafts$13.99
Hidden Orchestra Dawn Chorus Remixes 2xLP Tru Thoughts$23.98
Hideaki Kondo Structure CD PSF$19.99
High Fashion Feelin' Lucky LP Capitol$13.98
High Llamas Buzzle Bee CD Drag City$13.99
High Llamas Can Cladders CD Drag City$13.99
High Llamas, The Here Come The Rattling Trees LP Drag City$20.98
High on Fire Blessed Black Wings CD Relapse$15.99
High On Fire Snakes for the Divine 2xLP eOne$22.98
High On Fire Surrounded by Thieves 2xLP Relapse$29.98
High on Fire De Vermis Mysteris 2xLP eOne$22.98
High on Fire Luminiferous 2xLP eOne$29.98
High on Fire / Ruins Split 7"+COMIC Relapse / Skin Graft$7.99
High Places High Places CD Thrill Jockey$14.99
High Places High Places LP Thrill Jockey$14.99
High Places 03/07-09/07 CD Thrill Jockey$11.99
High Sheriffs of Blue NYC 1980 LP Feeding Tube$18.98
High Water Marks Songs About the Ocean CD Eenie Meenie$11.99
High Water Marks Pretending to be Loud CD Jigsaw$9.99
Hill William/Holler Boys Hill William/Holler Boys 7"+Book Fat Possum$24.98
Hillary Woods Colt LP Sacred Bones$17.98
Him Our Point of Departure CD Perishable$12.99
HIM 5/6 In Dub CD After Hours$9.99
Him Razorblade Romance LP Jimmy Franks Recording Company$24.98
Hinds Leave Me Alone LP Mom+Pop$20.98
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