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Band Title Label Price
Hari and Aino A Considerate Kind of Home 7" Cloudberry$4.99
Harmlessness The World is a Beautiful Place & I am no Longer Afraid to Die LP Epitaph$21.98
Harmonia Musik von Harmonia - LILITH VERSION CD Lilith$18.99
Harmonia Deluxe - LILITH VERSION CD Lilith$18.99
Harmonia Deluxe LP Gronland$19.98
Harmonia Musik Von Harmonia LP Gronland$19.98
Harmonia Documents 1975 LP Gronland$19.98
Harmonia Live 1974 LP Gronland$20.98
Harmonia & Eno '76 Tracks and Traces LP Groenland$20.98
Harmonic 313 Battlestar 12" Warp$9.99
Harmonic 33 Music for TV, Film and Radio, Vol. 1 CD Warp$15.99
Harold Budd In the Mist CD Darla$12.99
Harold Budd In the Mist 2xLP Darla$22.99
Harold Budd Bandits of Stature LP Darla$17.99
Harold Budd | Clive Wrightmp3 A Song For Lost Blossoms CD Darla$12.99
Harold Grosskopf Synthesist LP + CD $15.98
Harper Lee Dry Land 7" Matinee$3.99
Harper Lee Bug 7" Matinee$3.99
Harper Leemp3 Train Not Stopping CDEP Matinee$5.99
Harper Lee All Things Can Be Mended CD Matinee$11.99
Harper Lee He Holds A Flame CD Matinee$5.99
Harper Lee Go Back To Bed CD Matinee$11.99
Harpswell Sound Skylight CD Skycap / Peapod$9.99
Harpswell Sound Let's Go Anyway CD Peapod$9.99
Harrismp3 New Morning Pulse CD Urinine$6.50
Harris Newman Non-Sequiturs CD Strange Attractors$12.99
Harris Newman Accidents With Nature and Each Other CD Strange Attractors Audio House$12.99
Harry Partch The World of Harry Partch 180g LP Columbia$15.98
Harry Partch Delusion of the Fury 2xLP 180g Columbia$24.98
Harry Pussy Harry Pussy LP Superior Viaduct$18.98
Harry Styles Harry Styles 180g LP Columbia$31.98
Harry Taussig Fate Is Only Once LP Tompkins Square$13.99
Harsh Toke Light Up And Live LP Teepee$13.98
Hart, Daniel A Ghost Story Original Soundtrack LP-Color Milan$22.98
Hartfield True Color True Lie JAPANESE VERSION CD Vinyl Junkie$9.99
Hartfield L.I.B.R.A. CD Vinyl Junkie$8.99
Hartmut Geerken Amanita 2xLP Qbico$42.99
Harvey Averne Dozen Viva Soul LP Atlantic$11.98
Hashish A Product Of Hashish LP Subliminal Sounds$26.98
Hashish A Product Of Hashish LP Woah Dad!$33.98
Hasil Adkins Wild Man CD Norton$12.99
Hasil Adkins What the Hell Was I Thinking LP Fat Possum$13.98
Hassara Backyard I-III CD Three Lobed$13.99
Hassle Hound Limelight Cordial CD Staubgold$14.99
Hassle Hound Limelight Cordial LP Staubgold$12.99
Hatepinks Parasites Like Me CD Unity Squad$9.99
Haunted Hearts Initiation LP Zoo Music$18.98
Hauschka Prepared Piano CD Karaoke Kalk$14.99
Hauschka Substantial CD Karaoke Kalk$14.99
Hauschka Room To Expand CD Fat Cat$11.99
Hauschka Versions of the Prepared Piano CD Karaoke Kalk$14.99
Hauschka Foreign Landscapes :LP Fat Cat$16.99
Hauschka What If LP City Slang$18.98
Have A Nice Life The Unnatural World LP Flenser$21.98
Have Mercy The Earth Pushed Back LP Top Shelf Records$14.98
Have Mercy A Place of Our Own Cass Topshelf$8.98
Havergal Lungs for the Race CD Secretly Canadian$10.99
Havergal Elettricita CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Havergal Crowd / Grants Pass 7" Western Vinyl$1.99
Hawaii s/t CD Paper Bag$13.99
Hawaiian Spotlighters Mauna Kea Breeze LP Bacchus Archives$18.98
Hawk and A Hacksaw s/t CD Cloud$11.99
Hawk and a Hacksaw Darkness At Noon CD Leaf$13.99
Hawk and A Hacksaw The Way The Wind Blows CD Leaf$14.99
Hawk and a Hacksaw You Have Already Gone To the Other World 2xLP L.M. Dupli-cation$19.99
Hawksley Workman Delicious Wolves CD Ba Da Bing$12.99
hawkwind quark strangeness and charm USED LP sire$9.99
Hawkwind Hawkwind LP 4 Men With Beards$23.98
Hawkwind Hawkwind COLOR VINYL LP Parlophone$24.98
Hawkwind Space Ritual 2xLP 180g Parlophone$34.98
Haxan Cloak Excavation 2xLP Tri-Angle$19.98
Haxan Cloak Haxan Cloak 2xLP Aurora Borealis$29.98
Hayden Elk Lake Serenade CD Badman$13.99
Hayden Skyscraper National Park CD Badman$13.99
Hayden In Field And Town CD Fat Possum$14.99
Haystacks Balboa Haystacks Balboa LP Polydor$13.98
Hazel English Just Give In/ Never Going Home 12" EP Polyvinyl$21.98
Head and The Heart The Head and the Heart CD Sub Pop$12.99
Head and the Heart The Head and the Heart LP Sub Pop$18.98
Head and The Heart, The Let's Be Still 2xLP Sub Pop$19.98
Head Like A Kite There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere CD Mush$11.99
Head Over Heels Head Over Heels 180g LP Capitol$13.98
Head Shop The Head Shop 180g LP Epic$17.98
Headhunters Straight From The Gate LP Arista$11.98
Headlights Kill Them With Kindness CD Polyvinyl$11.99
Headlights Kill Them With Kindness 180g LP Polyvinyl$10.99
Headlights Some Racing Some Stopping CD Polyvinyl$12.99
Headroom Head In The Clouds LP-Color Trouble In Mind$10.00
Heads Will Roll Information As Terminal Disease LP Division Sound$12.99
Heads, The Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere 2xLP Rooster Rock$36.98
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