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Band Title Label Price
H.C. McEntire Lionheart LP Merge$20.98
H.S.O. H.S. Overload 12" Drop Beat$5.50
Haelos Full Circle LP Matador$19.98
Hafler Trio A Eg Ad, Halda Afram? CD Important$9.99
Hafler Trio Exactly As I Am 2xCD Important$23.99
Hailu Mergia Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye LP Awesome Tapes from Africa$19.98
Hailu Mergia Lala Belu LP Awesome Tapes From Africa$16.98
Hailu Mergia / Dahlak Band Wede Harer Guzo 2xLP Awesome Tapes From Africa$19.98
Hailu Mergia And The Walias Tche Belew LP Awesome Tapes From Africa$16.98
HAIM Days are Gone 2xLP Columbia$26.98
Haim Something to Tell You 2xLP Sony$27.98
Hair Police Drawn Dead CD Hanson$12.99
Hair Police Constantly Terrified CD Troubleman$12.99
Hair Police Drawn Dead LP Weird Forest$13.99
Hair Police Prescribed Burnings LP Hospital Productions$15.99
Hair Police The Empty Quarter CD Harbinger Sound$11.99
Hair Police The Certainty of Swarms CD No Fun Productions$12.99
Hair Police Mercurial Rites LP Type$22.98
Hair Police / Viki split CD Load$10.50
Hala Strana Heave the Gambrel Roof CD Music Fellowship$12.99
Halcyon Highmp3 To Be Infinite CD Vibraphone$7.99
Haley Bonar The Size of Planets CD Chair Kickers$11.99
Haley Bonar Last War LP Graveface$14.98
Half Handed Cloud Flying Scroll Flight Control LP Asthmatic Kitty$13.98
Half Japanese Perfect LP Joyful Noise$13.98
Half Japanese Hear The Lions Roar LP Fire$24.98
Half-Handed Cloud This is a Word, and Feet Need Lamps CD Asthmatic Kitty$11.99
Half-Handed Cloud Halos and Lassos CD Asthmatic Kitty$11.99
Hall of Fame Paradise Now CD Social Registry$11.99
Halo Benders God Don't Make No Junk CD K$11.99
Halogens Resolution EP CD Simba$8.99
Halon Assault on Tower 61 CD Silent North$7.99
Haloump3 Wholeness and Separation CD Dynamophone$14.99
Haloump3 Sawtooth EP CD Halou$7.99
Halsey Badlands LP Astralwerks$21.98
Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom LP Astralwerks$15.75
Hamilton Leithauser Black Hours 180g LP Ribbon Records$19.98
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam I Had A Dream That You Were Mine LP Glassnote$19.98
Hammerhead Global Depression LP - Color Learning Curve$16.98
Hammockmp3 Stranded Under Endless Sky 12" Republic of Texas$5.99
Hammock Oblivion Hymns CD Hammock$14.98
Hammock Everything And Nothing LP Hammock Label$30.98
Hammock Mysterium 180g 2xLP Hammock Music$26.98
Han Bennink & Terrie Ex Zeng CD Terp$12.99
Handsome Boy Modeling School So... How's Your Girl? CD Tommy Boy$15.99
Handsome Family Odessa CD Carrot Top$11.99
Handsome Family Last Days Of Wonder CD Carrot Top$11.99
Handsome Furs Plague Park CD Sub Pop$12.99
Handsome Furs Face Control CD Sub Pop$12.99
Handsome Furs Sound Kapital LP - Color Sub Pop$17.98
Hang Ups So We Go CD (USED) Clean$6.99
Hang Ups, The Second Story CD Restless$11.99
Hank Ballard You Can't Keep a Good Man Down LP Polydor$13.98
Hank Crawford / Bernard Purdie Mr. Chips LP Milestone$8.99
Hank Crawford / Jimmy McGriff Steppin' Up LP Milestone$8.99
Hank IV Refuge In Genre 2xLP Siltbreeze$14.99
Hank Mobley Hank Mobley LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley Mobley's Second Message LP Prestige$13.98
Hank Mobley The Turnaround LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley Thinking of Home LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley Workout LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley Hi Voltage LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley A Slice of The Top LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley The Flip LP Blue Note$13.98
Hank Mobley No Room For Squares LP Blue Note$20.98
Hank Mobley & Lee Morgan Peckin' Time LP Blue Note$13.98
Hanna Time Hotel 12" Sound Signature$13.98
Hanne Hukkelberg Cast Anchor CD Leaf$6.99
Hanni El Khatib Will The Guns Come Out LP Innovative Leisure$16.98
Hanni El Khatib Head In The Dirt LP Innovative Leisure$17.98
Hannibal Peterson & The Sunrise Orchestra Children of the Fire CD Universal Sound / Soul Jazz$18.99
Hanno Leichtmann Nuit Du Plomb LP Karaoke Kalk$14.99
Hanoi Janes Across The Sea 7" Captured Tracks$6.99
Hans Zimmer Inception: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack LP Reprise$21.98
Hans Zimmer True Romance: Original Motion Picture Score LP+7" Enjoy the Ride$29.98
Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard The Dark Knight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP 180g Warner Sunset$24.98
Hanz Reducer LP Tri Angle$13.98
Hanz Plasty I 12" Tri Angle$11.98
Hanz Plasty II 12" Tri Angle$12.98
Happy Couple Fools in Love CD Matinee$5.99
Happy Mondays Peel Sessions CD Strange Fruit$5.99
Happy Rhodes Ectotrophia 2xLP Numero Group$20.98
Har Mar Superstar s/t CD Kill Rock Stars$11.50
Har Mar Superstar Insound Tour Support V. 9 CD Insound$7.99
Har Mar Superstar You Can Feel Me CD Record Collection$11.99
Har Mar Superstar The Handler CD Record Collection$11.99
Harald Grosskopf Synthesist LP+CD RVNG Intl$13.99
Hard Girls Floating Now LP Asian Man$16.98
Hard Left We Are Hard Left LP Future Perfect$14.98
Hard Place Hard Place LP Antenna Farm$8.99
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