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Band Title Label Price
Fidlar Fidlar LP Mom + Pop$20.98
Fidlar Too LP Mom + Pop$21.98
Fidlar DIYDUI 7" White Iris$5.98
Field Things Keep Falling Down 12" Kompakt$9.99
Field From Here We Go Sublime CD Kompakt$14.99
Field From Here We Go Sublime 12" Kompakt$11.98
Field, The Yesterday and Today 2xLP+CD Kompakt$25.98
Field, The Looping State of Mind Remixes 12" Kompakt$13.98
Field, The Cupid's Head 2xLP+CD Kompact$29.98
Field, The The Follower 2xLP Kompakt$29.98
Field, The Sun & Ice 12" Kompakt$9.98
Field, The Yesterday & Today Remixes 12" Kompakt$13.98
Fields 7 From The Village CD Vice$7.99
Fields Everything Last Winter CD Atlantic$14.99
Fiery Furnaces Gallowsbird's Bark CD Rough Trade$14.99
Fiery Furnaces Blueberry Boat CD Rough Trade$14.99
Fiery Furnaces Single Again CD Rough Trade$8.99
Fiery Furnaces Gallowsbird's Bark LP Rough Trade$13.99
Fiery Furnaces EP CD Rough Trade$8.99
Fiery Furnaces Rehearsing My Choir CD Rough Trade$11.99
Fiery Furnaces Widow City CD Thrill Jockey$14.99
Fiery Furnacesmp3 Remember LIMITED 2xCD Thrill Jockey$15.99
Figure Study Lesson One 7" Dark Entries$9.98
Figurine Reconfigurine CD Blackbean$12.75
Figurine Transportation+Communication=Love CD Blackbean$12.99
Figurines When The Deer Wore Blue CD Control Group$12.99
Film School I'm Not Working 7" Metoo!$3.99
Final Fantasy Many Lives -> 49 MP 7" Tomlab$4.99
Final Fantasy Has a Good Home CD Tomlab$13.99
Final Fantasy Has a Good Home LP Tomlab$12.99
Final Fantasy He Poos Clouds CD Tomlab$13.99
Final Fantasy Heartland 180g 2xLP Domino$18.99
Final Solution, The Brotherman Sountrack LP Numero$16.98
Findo Gask Va-Va-Va 12" Oscarr / Optimo Singles Club$11.99
Finery Scrawled Life Can be Beautiful 7" Earworm$4.50
finesse & runway s/t USED cd schematic$6.99
Fingernail So Backwards LP. Fuzzy Box / Darla$7.95
Fingernail So Backwards CD Darla / Fuzzy Box$11.99
Fingernail Versions CD Fuzzy Box$11.99
Finian McKeanmp3 Shades Are Drawn CD And Each For Only$8.99
Finishing School Destination Girl CD Telegraph$11.99
Finjarn & Jensen Finjarn & Jensen 180g LP Shadoks$45.99
Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine 2xLP Epic$34.98
Fire Engines Hungry Beat CD Acute$12.99
fIREHOSE Flyin' the Flannel LP Original Recordings Group$28.99
Fires Were Shot Solace CD Asphodel$12.50
fireside softboy USED cd west side$4.99
Firewire A Tribute To the Manzini CD City Centre Offices$13.99
Fireworks The Fireworks EP 7" Shelflife$8.99
Fireworks Higher and Higher 7" Shelflife$8.99
Fireworks Switch Me On LP Shelflife$18.98
First Aid Kit Stay Gold 2xLP Columbia$25.98
First Aid Kit The Lion's Roar LP Wichita$20.98
First Aid Kit Universal Soldier 7" Third Man$5.98
First Aid Kit The Big Black and The Blue LP Wichita$18.98
First Communion After Party Skyline, Starlight 7" mpls ltd$4.99
First Communion Afterpartymp3 Sorry For All the Mondays and To Those Who Can't Sing CD mpls ltd$9.99
first degree the d.e. look me in my face, though! USED cd farenheit$6.99
First Nation First Nation Coronation 7" Paw Tracks$4.99
First Nation First Nation CD Paw Tracks$12.99
First Touch Knockout 12" EP Omega Supreme$19.98
First Touch Knockout Cass Omega Supreme$11.98
Fis Preparations LP Tri Angle$11.98
Fischerspooner Odyssey LTD CD Capitol$9.99
Fischerspooner Odyssey CD Capitol$9.99
Fisk Industries EPs and Rarities 2xCD Mush$12.99
Fisk Industries EPs and Rarities 2xLP Mush$15.99
Fitz & The Tantrums Pickin' Up The Pieces LP Dangerbird$17.98
Fitz and The Tantrums More Than Just A Dream LP New Elektra$19.98
Five Americans, The I See The Light LP Sundazed$11.98
Fivehead Guests of the Nation CD Tight Spot$11.99
Fiver Here it Comes CD Devil in the Woods$10.99
Fiver Strings for Satellites CD Devil in the Woods$10.50
Fiver Eventually Something Cool Will Happen CD Devil in the Woods$9.99
Fix, The Speed of Twisted Thought LP Touch and Go$13.98
FKA twigs EP2 12" Young Turks$12.98
FKA Twigs LP1 Deluxe LP Young Turks$40.98
FKA Twigs LP1 LP Young Turks$19.98
FKA Twigs M3LL155X 12" EP Young Turks$15.98
FKA Twigs EP1 12" EP Young Turks$12.98
Flag of Democracy / Dead Milkmen Split 7" SRA$10.98
Flaherty / Corsano / Yeh A Rock In The Snow CD Important$12.99
Flake Music When You Land Here LP Sub Pop$15.98
Flake Music aka The Shins When You Land Here It's Time to Return CD Omnibus$39.99
Flamin' Groovies Shake Some Action LP Four Men With Beards$23.98
Flamin' Groovies Now 180g LP Four Men With Beards$17.98
Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin CD Warner Bros$11.99
Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots CD Warner$13.99
Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic CD Warner$11.99
Flaming Lips Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell CD Warner$9.99
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