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Band Title Label Price
Electric Pop Group Seconds CD Matinee$11.99
Electric President You Have The Right To Remain Awesome Volume 1 7" Morr Music$6.99
Electric President You Have The Right To Remain Awesome Volume 2 7" Morr Music$6.99
Electric President Sleep Well LP+7" Morr Music$18.99
Electric President Sleep Well CD Morr Music$15.99
Electric Prunes I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night LP Reprise$17.98
Electric Prunes I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night LP - Color Reprise$18.98
Electric Prunes The Electric Prunes Mono LP-Color Rhino$21.98
Electric Prunes Stockholm 67 COLOR VINYL LP Sutro Park$22.98
Electric Soft Parade Empty at the End/This Given Day CDEP (CARD SLEEVE) db Records$2.99
Electric Soft Parade The Human Body EP CD Better Looking$8.99
Electric Sound of Joy Daughters of Destruction CDEP Foundry$6.99
Electric Wizard Black Masses 2xLP Metal Blade$35.98
Electric Wizard Come My Fanatics 180g 2xLP Rise Above$35.98
Electric Wizard Dopethrone 2xLP Rise Above$31.98
Electric Wizard Let Us Prey 2xLP Rise Above $36.98
Electric Wurms Musik, Die Shwer Zu Twerk LP Warner Bros$24.98
Electric Youth Innerworld LP - Blue Secretly Canadian$18.98
Electro Group A New Pacifica CD Omnibus$11.99
Electro Groupmp3 Good Technology CD Clairecords$11.99
Electro Group Historical Contest BLACK VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$9.99
Electro Group Historical Contest COLORED VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$12.99
Electro Group The Rancho - Research Sessions 7" Research Sound Recordings$6.98
Electro Group Ranger LP Pehr / Research Sound Recordings$16.98
Electro Group / St. Avalanchemp3 split 7" Clairecords$3.99
Electrocute Troublesome Bubblegum CD Rykodisc$16.99
Electroluvs Balti CDEP Xstatic$5.50
Electroluvs Nu Nitemare CDEP Xstatic$5.50
Electroluvs MK 1 CD Xstatic$12.99
Electronic Barnacle Islandmp3 Deeply Faulted Area Resembling an Upright Deck of Cards CD Kira Kira Disc$9.99
Electronic Watusi Boogaloo Just Another Taste of... CD Kindercore$9.99
Electrophonvintage I Don't Want to Stay 7" Plastic Pancake$4.99
Electroputas 3 CD Social Registry$11.99
Electroscope / Warser Gate split 7" Octane Gramophone$4.50
Electrosonics Rampion CD Drive-In$6.99
Elefant Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid CD Hollywood$13.99
Elegi Sistereis CD Miasmah$16.99
Eleh Homage To The Square Wave 200g LP Taiga$59.99
Eleh Floating Frequences | Intuitive Synthesis Vol. III 200g LP Important$59.99
Elektrolochmann Whatever the Occasion CD TransSolar$10.50
Elephant Micah Equine Emblem 7" Great Pop Supplement$6.99
Elephant Parade Home CD Elephant Parade$9.99
Eletronico Lounge at the Chimney Pavilion CD S.H.A.D.O.$13.99
Elevator A Taste of Complete Perspective CD Teenage USA$11.50
Eleventh Hour, The The Team That Never Wins 7" Wurlitzer Jukebox$3.99
eleventhfloorrecords eleventhfloorrecords CD n5MD$12.99
Elf Power Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs CD Arena Rock$10.99
Elf Power Creatures CD spinART$11.99
Elf Power Walking with the Beggar Boys CD Orange Twin$5.99
Eli Keszler R.L.K. CD RES$11.99
Elias Hulk Unchained LP Sommor$29.98
Elias Krantzmp3 Island Rock CD Airwaves$16.99
Elikamp3 Always the Light CD Saint Marie$12.99
Elikamp3 Always the Light 180g LP Saint Marie$23.99
Elika Girls Be Serious 7" Saint Marie$7.98
Eliot Lipp The Outside CD Mush$9.99
Elisa Ambrogio | Axolotl Split 7" Spirit of Orr$4.99
Elizabeth Mitchell You are My Sunshine CD Last Affair$11.99
Elizabeth Mitchell You Are My Little Bird CD Smithsonian Folkways$10.99
Elizabeth Mitchell / Ida You Are My Flower CD Last Affair$11.99
Elk City Freeze Two Over Eight 7" Earworm$4.50
Elk City Status CD Hidden Agenda$11.99
Elk City Hold Tight the Ropes CD Warm$13.99
Ellen Allien Magma Remixes 12" Bpitch Control$8.99
Ellen Allien Thrills CD Bpitch Control$14.99
Ellen Allien Boogy Bytes 4 CD Bpitch Control$14.99
Ellen Allien Sool CD Bpitch Control$14.99
Ellen Allien Sool 2xLP Bpitch Control$18.99
Ellen Allien Dust 2xLP Bpitch Control$22.99
Ellen Allien & Apparat Orchestra of Bubbles CD Bpitch Control$14.99
Ellie Pop Ellie Pop 180g LP Mainstream$12.99
Elliot Smith Either/Or 180g LP Kill Rock Stars$17.98
Elliott If They Do CD Initial$6.99
Elliott Song in the Air CD Revelation$12.99
Elliott False Cathedrals 180G LP Revelation$14.98
Elliott Smith Either/Or CD Kill Rock Stars$13.99
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith LP Kill Rock Stars$18.98
Elliott Smith Pretty (Ugly Before) 7" Suicide Squeeze$6.98
Elliott Smith s/t CD Kill Rock Stars$13.99
Elliott Smith Speed Trials 7" Kill Rock Stars$7.98
Elliott Smith XO CD Dreamworks$13.99
Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill CD Anti$15.99
Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill 180g 2xLP Kill Rock Stars$20.98
Elliott Smith Division Day 7" Suicide Squeeze$5.98
Elliott Smith New Moon 2xCD Kill Rock Stars$16.99
Elliott Smith New Moon 2xLP Kill Rock Stars$19.98
Elliott Smith Needle In The Hay 7" Kill Rock Stars$7.98
Elliott Smith XO 180g LP Plain$21.98
Elliott Smith Roman Candle 180g LP Kill Rock Stars$19.98
Elliott Smith Alternate Veriosns From Either/Or 7" Kill Rock Stars$6.98
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