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Band Title Label Price
Diplo Decent Work For Decent Pay Vol. 1 CD Big Dada$15.99
Diplomats of Solid Sound Destination...Get Down! CD Estrus$12.99
Directing Hand Bells For Augustin Lesage CD Secret Eye$12.99
Directorsound Redemptive CD Geographic$16.99
Dirtbombs If You Don't Already Have a Look 2xCD In The Red$16.99
Dirtbombs Play Sparks 7" In the Red$6.99
Dirtbombs Ultraglide In Black LP In The Red$17.98
Dirtbombs Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey LP In The Red$18.98
Dirtbombs We Have You Surrounded LP In the Red$17.98
Dirtbombs, The Consistency Is The Enemy LP Cass$22.98
Dirty Beaches Drifters/Love Is the Devil 2xLP Zoo Music$21.99
Dirty Beaches Stateless LP Zoo Music$17.98
Dirty Heads Dirty Heads LP Five Seven Music$20.98
Dirty Heads Sound of Change LP Five Seven Music$20.98
Dirty Heads Cabin By the Sea LP Five Seven Music$19.98
Dirty on Purpose Like Bees CD North Street$6.99
Dirty Projectors The Getty Address CD Western Vinyl$11.99
Dirty Projectors Rise Above CD Dead Oceans$11.99
Dirty Projectors Rise Above LP Dead Oceans$14.98
Dirty Projectors The Glad Fact CD Western Vinyl$11.99
Dirty Projectors Slaves' Graves and Ballads CD Western Vinyl$11.99
Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan LP Domino$21.98
Dirty Projectors About To Die 12" Domino$15.98
Dirty Projectors Dirty Projectors LP Domino$24.98
Dirty Spoon 35 CD (USED) Noiseworks$6.99
dirty spoon 35 USED noiseworks$6.99
Dirty Three She Has Not Strings Apollo CD Touch & Go$13.99
Dirty Three She Has No Strings Apollo LP Touch & Go$21.98
Dirty Three Whatever You Love, You Are LP Touch And Go$17.98
Dirty Three Horse Stories 2xLP Touch and Go$19.98
Dirty Three, The Ocean Songs 2xLP Touch and Go$24.98
Disappears Guider LP Kranky$12.99
Disappears Pre Language CD Kranky$12.99
Disappears Pre Language LP Kranky$14.98
Disappears Lux LP Kranky$13.98
Disappears Era LP Kranky$15.98
Disappears Irreal LP Kranky$15.98
Disasterpeace It Follows OST LP Milan$22.98
Discharge Why LP Havoc$14.98
Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP Havoc$16.98
Disclosure Settle LP Universal Island$30.98
Disclosure Caracal 2xLP PMR$31.98
Disco Inferno D.I. Go Pop CD One Little Indian$12.99
Discovery Discovery CD XL$11.99
Discovery Discovery LP XL$17.98
Disjecta True Love By Normal CD Polyfusia$13.99
Diskaholics Live In Japan Volume 1 CD Load$12.99
Diskaholics Live In Japan Volume 1 LP Load$8.99
Diskaholics Anonymous Trio Weapons of Ass Destruction CD Smalltown Superjazz$15.99
DiskJokke Staying In CD Smalltown Supersound$14.99
Dismemberment Plan People's History of... CD Desoto$13.99
Dismemberment Plan Change CD Desoto$13.99
Dismemberment Plan Uncanney Valley LP PTKF$22.98
Dispatch America 12 LP Bomber$24.98
Dissolve Third Album for the Sun CD Kranky$12.99
Distant Secondsmp3 Spectral Evidence CD Distant Seconds$11.99
Distillers Sing Sing Death House LP Hellcat$19.98
Distillers, The Distillers LP Hellcat$19.98
Distorto #1-5 12" Distorto$10.99
Distraction Calling All Radios CD Dirtnap Records$11.50
Dive / Diiv Human 7" Captured Tracks$6.98
Diverse One AM CD Chocolate Industries$12.99
Diverse Move CD Chocolate Industries$8.99
Divided Body / Desert City Soundtrack split 7" Pehr / Animal World$3.99
divination distill USED cd sub meta$6.99
Divine Fits My Love is Real 7" Merge$6.99
Divine Fits Live At Third Man LP Third Man$10.98
Division Day The Mean Way In CD Undetected Plagiarism$6.50
DIW (Devil in the Woods) Fall 2000 (Issue 2.3) MAG DIW$2.99
DIW / Devil in the Woods Issue #19 MAG+7" Devil in the Woods$4.99
DIW Devil in the Woods Issue #20 MAG Devil in the Woods$3.00
Dizzee Rascal Boy in Da Corner CD Matador$12.99
Dizzee Rascal Showtime CD XL$12.99
Dizzee Rascal Off 2 Work 12" XL$4.99
Dizzy Reece Blues in Trinity LP Blue Note$13.98
DJ Boogie Blind Live at PJ's Harlem New York CD X-Ecutioners$16.50
DJ Broken Window Parallel Universe Vol 1 CD Violent Turd$10.99
DJ Broken Window Parallel Universe Vol 2 CD Violent Turd$10.99
DJ Danger Mouse Early Years '01-'03 12" Dangermouse$9.99
DJ Dara Breakbeat Science Exercise 01 CD Breakbeat Science$7.50
DJ Diamond Flight Muzik 2xLP Planet Mu$14.98
DJ DNA The Exploration EP CD Audio Art$7.99
DJ Downfall Song for Kelly LeBrock 7" WIAIWYA$4.25
DJ Downfall The Curse CD WIAIWYA$14.99
DJ Hell NY Muscle CD Gigolo$15.99
dj honda h 2 USED cd relativity$6.99
DJ JS-1 Rock Breaks Volume 2 LP Ground Original$11.99
DJ Katapila Trotro 2xLP Awesome Tapes From Africa$17.98
DJ Koze Amygdala 2xLP+7" Pampa$22.98
DJ Koze XTC 12" Pampa$15.98
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