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Band Title Label Price
D Boon & Friends s/t CD Box o Plenty$13.99
d i t h e r the man who tasted shapes CD Aporia$10.50
D'Angelo Brown Sugar 2xLP Virgin$38.98
D'Angelo And The Vanguard Black Messiah 2xLP RCA$27.98
D'Arcangelo D'Arcangelo 12" Suction$13.98
D. Charles Speer and The Helix Past or Beyond 7" Sound @ One$4.99
D.D Dumbo Utopia Defeated LP 4AD$19.98
D.I. Horse Bites Dog Cries LP Nickel & Dime$12.99
D.O.A. Bloodied But Unbowed Picture Disc LP Sudden Death$14.98
D.R. Hooker The Truth CD Subliminal Sounds$15.99
D.R. Hooker The Truth 180g LP On Records$13.98
D.R. Hooker Armageddon LP On Rec$13.98
D.W. Holiday Technical Difficulties, Under the Influence CD Three Ring Records$7.99
D.Y.S. Brotherhood LP Taang$13.98
Dabrye Two/Three CD Ghostly International$13.99
Dabrye One/Three LP Ghostly$16.98
Dabrye Instrumental LP Ghostly$16.98
Dabrye Two/Three 2xLP Ghostly International$18.98
Dabrye Three/Three 2xLP Ghostly International$24.98
Dabrye Box Set 6xLP Ghostly International$89.98
Daedelus Denies The Day's Demise CD Mush$12.99
Daedelus Exquisite Corpse CD Mush$13.99
Daedelus Axe Murderation Remixes 2xLP Phthalo$16.99
Daedelus Love To Make Music To CD Ninja Tune$13.99
Daedelus Make It So Feat. Michael Johnson 12" Ninja Tune$8.99
Daevid Allen's University of Errors Ugly Music CD Weed$13.99
Daft Punk Discovery CD Virgin$18.99
Daft Punk Homework CD Virgin$16.99
Daft Punk Discovery 2xLP Astralwerks$18.98
Daft Punk Random Access Memories 2xLP Columbia$39.98
Daft Punk Daft Club 2xLP Electrospective$24.98
Daft Punk Alive 1997 LP Rhino$24.98
Daft Punk Alive 2007 180g 2xLP Atlantic$44.98
Dag Nasty Can I Say LP Dischord$14.98
Dag Nasty Wig Out at Denko's LP Dischord$14.98
Daisy Chain Straight or Lame CD Sundazed$13.99
Daisy Chain Straight or Lame LP Sundazed$20.99
Dakota Suite This River Only Brings Poison CD Planting Seeds$11.99
Dakota Suite The End of Trying CD Karaoke Kalk$15.99
Dakota Suite An Almost Silent Life 180g LP+CD Glitterhouse$25.99
Dakota Suite An Almost Silent Life CD Glitterhouse$17.99
Dale Berningmp3 The Horse and Camel Stories CD Flau$14.99
Dale Berning The Horse Stories 180g LP Bo' Weavil$25.99
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. It's a Corporate World LP Warner Bros.$18.98
Dalek Negro Necro Nekros CD Gern Blandsten$12.99
Dalek Deadverse Massive Vol. 1: Dalek Rarities 1999-2006 CD Hydra Head$12.99
Dalek Gutter Tactics CD Ipecac$18.99
Dalek Gutter Tactics 2xLP Ernest Jenning$19.99
Dalek vs. Ifwhen Hear Less / No Good Trying BLACK VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$9.99
Dalek vs. Ifwhen Hear Less / No Good Trying COLORED VINYL 180g LP Claire's Echo$12.99
Dalek, Destructo Swarmbots, Oddateee Deadverse Massive PIC DISC LP Public Guilt$15.99
Dam Funk Invite The Light 3xLP Stones Throw$37.98
Dam-Funk Adolescent Funk 2xLP Stones Throw$20.98
Dam-Funk Toeachizown Vol. 1 LP Stones Throw$10.98
Dam-Funk Toeachizown Vol. 5 LP Stones Throw$13.98
Dam-Funk Dam-Funk DJ-Kicks LP !K7$28.98
DaM-Funk / Nite-Funk Believer (Fingers Deep-Funk Remix) / Can U Read Me? 12" EP !K7$12.98
Damaged Bug Hubba Bubba LP Castle Face$18.98
Damaged Bug Cold Hot Plumbs LP Castle Face$18.98
Damaged Bug Bunker Funk 2xLP Castle Face$24.98
Damien Jurado I Break Chairs CD Sub Pop$13.99
Damien Jurado Where Shall You Take Me CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Damien Jurado Holding His Breath CD Acuarela$8.50
Damien Jurado Just in Time for Something CD Secretly Canadian$7.99
Damien Jurado On My Way To Absence CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Damien Jurado And Now That I'm In Your Shadow CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Damien Juradomp3 Caught In Trees CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Damien Jurado Where Shall You Take Me Deluxe Reissue 2xLP Secretly Canadian$16.98
Damien Jurado Brothers & Sisters Of The Eternal Son LP Secretly Canadian$13.98
Damien Jurado Visions of Us on the Land 2xLP Secretly Canadian$18.98
Damien Jurado Ghost of David LP Sub Pop$18.98
Damien Jurado Rehearsals For Departure LP Sub Pop$18.98
Damien Jurado The Horizon Just Laughed LP Secretly Canadian$16.98
Damien Rice Live at Fingerprints: Warts and All LP Warner Bros.$20.98
Damien Rice My Favourite Faded Fantasy 2LP Vector$34.98
Damien Rice O 2xLP Damien Rice Music$31.98
Damned Neat Neat Neat 7" Earmark$5.99
Damo Suzuki's Networkmp3 Fall of Fire Bird 7" mpls ltd$4.99
Damon Song of A Gypsy LP Now-Again$25.98
Damon Albarn Everyday Robots 2xLP Warner Bros.$39.98
Damon and Naomi More Sad Hits CD Sub Pop$12.99
Damon and Naomi The Earth is Blue CD 20/20/20$12.99
Damon and Naomi Earth Is Blue LP 20/20/20$12.99
Damon and Naomi The Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi (Bootleg Edition) LP 20/20/20$15.99
Damon and Naomi (w/Kurihara) Song to the Siren CD+DVD Sub Pop$18.50
Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room Party Adjacent LP No Idea$13.98
Dan Auerbach Keep it Hid LP Nonesuch$18.98
Dan Auerbach Waiting On A Song LP Easy Eye Sound$22.98
Dan Bryk Lovers Leap CD Teenage USA$11.99
Dan Deacon Bromst LP Carpark$13.98
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