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Band Title Label Price
Civil Wars, The The Civil Wars LP Columbia$29.98
Civilization Civilization LP Dead Tank$9.99
CJ Ramone Last Chance To Dance LP Fat Wreck Chords$16.98
CJA Ironclad CD Last Visible Dog$11.99
CKY The Phoenix LP-Color eOne$22.98
Clair Quincy EP 10" Intercontinental$4.99
Clairvoyants Your New Boundaries CD Badman$12.99
Clambakemp3 Gator in the Pool CD Gringo$11.20
Clams Casino 32 Levels 2xLP Columbia$29.98
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap Your Hands Say Yeah CD Clap Your Hands Say Yeah$12.99
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Clap your Hands Say Yeah LP Clap Your Hands Say Yeah$16.98
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Some Loud Thunder CD Clap Your Hands Say Yeah$12.99
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Only Run LP Not On Label$13.98
Clark-Hutchinson A=MH2 Expanded 180g 2xLP Sunbeam$31.99
Clash , The Ties On The Line (Demos and Outtakes, Poster Sleeve) LP Arkain Filloux$15.98
Clash, The London Calling 2xLP CBS$24.98
Clash, The The Clash LP Epic$27.98
Class A Quiet Life EP CD. Double Agent$7.99
Class s/t 7". Double Agent$3.25
Class Holding Hands 7". Double Agent$3.25
Classixx Hanging Gardens LP Innovative Leisure$19.98
Classixx Faraway Reach 2xLP Innovative Leisure$19.98
Claudia Malibu Silver Tangerine Hangover CD Teardrop$9.75
Clay Allison Live at the Electric Banana 1984 LP not on label$21.98
Claypipe / Blithe Sons / Pekko Kappi The Amazed Map CD Music Fellowship$11.99
Clean, The Anthology 2xCD Merge$14.99
Clean, The Getaway CD Merge$13.99
Clean, The Mister Pop CD Merge$13.99
Clean, The Odditties 2xLP Five Four-O$29.99
Clean, The Getaway 2xLP+CD Merge$27.98
Cleaners From Venus Midnight Cleaners LP Captured Tracks$15.98
Cleaners From Venus Blow Away Your Troubles 3xCD Captured Tracks$25.99
Cleaners From Venus Living With Victoria Grey 2xLP Optic Nerve$27.98
Cleaners From Venus Songs For A Fallow Land LP Captured Tracks$15.98
Clear Horizon s/t LP Kranky$11.98
Clearlake Almost the Same CD Domino$6.99
Clearlake Cedars CD Domino$11.99
Clearlake Wonder If the Snow Will Settle CD Domino$6.99
Clearlake Amber CD Domino$12.99
Clem Snide Soft Spot CD spinART$13.99
client radio USED cd mute$6.99
Clientele A Fading Summer CDEP Merge$8.99
Clientele Suburban Light CD Merge$13.99
Clientele The Violet Hour CD Merge$13.99
Clientele Ariadne CD Acuarela$9.99
Clientele Strange Geometry CD Merge$13.99
Clientele God Save The Clientele LP Merge$18.98
Clientele That Night, A Forest Grew CDEP Acuarela$8.99
Clientele Bonfires On The Heath LP Merge$18.98
Clientele Suburban Light LP Merge$19.98
Clientele Music for the Age of Miracles LP Merge$18.98
Clientele Music for the Age of Miracles DELUXE EDITION LP+7" Merge$24.98
Clientele / The Saturday People split 7" Slumberland$4.98
Clientele, the Alone and Unreal- The Best of the Clientele LP Merge Records$23.98
Cliff Jordan Cliff Craft LP Blue Note$13.98
Cliff Jordan Cliff Jordan LP Blue Note$10.98
Cliff Jordan Blowing In From Chicago LP Blue Note$13.98
Cliff Martinez Only God Forgives 2xLP Milan$29.98
Cliff Martinez Drive: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP Lakeshore$32.98
Clifford Jordan / Sonny Simmons / Prince Lasha Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents LP Audio Fidelity$8.99
Clifford Thornton Ketchaqua LP BYG Actuel$11.98
Clifford Thornton Freedom & Unity CD Atavistic$13.99
Clinic The Second Line (CD 2 of 2) CD Domino$5.99
Clinic Three EPs CD Domino$12.99
Clinic Internal Wrangler CD Domino$15.99
Clinic Walking With Thee CD Domino$13.99
Clinic Winchester Cathedral CD Domino$11.99
Clinic Visitations CD Domino$14.99
Clinic Visitations LP+CD Domino$15.99
Clinic Do It! CD Domino$12.99
Clinic Do It! LP Domino$17.99
Clint Mansell Black Swan 2xLP Mondo$34.98
Clint Mansell Loving Vincent LP Milan$22.98
Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack 2xLP Nonesuch$29.98
Clipping clppng 2xLP Sub Pop$23.98
Clipping Splendor & Misery LP Sub Pop$18.98
Clique Burden Piece LP Topshelf$15.98
Cloak/Dagger Lost Art LP Jade Tree$7.98
Cloakroom Further Out LP Run For Cover$17.98
Cloakroom Infinity 12" EP Run For Cover$12.98
Cloakroom Time Well 2xLP Relapse$31.98
Clock Work Army A Catalyst For Change CD Banter$7.99
Clone Son Of Octabred Dead-Cert$25.98
Clorox Girls s/t CD Smart Guy$10.99
Close Lobsters Kuntswerk in Spacetime EP 7" Shelflife$9.98
Close Lobsters Firestation Towers 1986-1989 3xLP Fire$79.98
Close Lobsters Desire & Signs EP 7" Shelflife$9.98
Cloud Nothings Cloud Nothings LP Carpark$14.98
Cloud Nothings Attack on Memory LP Carpark$14.98
Cloud Nothings Here And Nowhere Else LP Carpark$16.98
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