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Band Title Label Price
Charles Mingus Six Classic Album Vol. 2 4xCD Real Gone$11.98
Charles Mingus Blues & Roots LP Mono Atlantic$21.98
Charles Mingus Mingus Ah Um LP DOL$19.98
Charles Mingus Quintet Meets Cat Anderson LP Get Back$19.99
Charles Mingus Quintet Chazz! LP Doxy$20.98
Charles Waters Quartet Chroma Colossus: 13 Visions Of The City LP CWQ$23.98
Charley Patton Complete Recorded Works Vol 3 LP Third Man$13.98
Charley Patton The Complete Recorded Works Vol 1 LP Third Man$13.98
Charley Patton The Complete Recorded Works Vol 2 LP Third Man$13.98
Charley Patton The Complete Recorded Works Vol. 4 LP Third Man$13.98
Charley Patton Founder of the Delta Blues 2xLP 180g Yazoo$24.98
Charlie Charles Mingus Mingus Moods LP Trip$11.98
charlie mars ep USED cd v2$2.99
Charlie McAlister Creosote LP Unread$11.99
Charlie Mingus Stuttgart Meditations 3xLP Get Back$36.99
Charlie Nothing The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing LP Nothing$20.98
Charlie Parker / Dizzy Gillespie Bird and Diz 180g LP Ermitage$17.98
Charlie Parker Quintet Jazz At Massey Hall LP Jazz Wax$19.98
Charlie Rich I'm So Lonely I Could Die LP Sundazed$12.98
Charlie Rouse Bossa Nova Bacchanal LP Blue Note$13.98
Charlie Schmidt Xanthe Terra CD Strange Attractors$12.99
Charlies Buttocks LP $45.98
Charlots Citylights EP CD Firestation Tower$8.99
Charlotte Gainsbourg / Villagers Set the Tigers Free / Memoir 7" Because Music$10.98
Charlottefield Firewood / Loudmouth 7" Jonson Family$5.99
Charlottefield Picture diary 7" Fat Cat$4.50
Charlottes Things Comes Apart LP Optic Nerve$25.98
charm motion picture soundstrack USED cd 5rc$7.99
Charmless Action 7" Isota$3.99
Chasing Dorotea s/t CD Summersound$11.99
Chastity Belt Time to Go Home LP Hardly Art$15.98
Chastity Belt I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone LP Sub Pop$16.98
Chatham Something Fell CD Vertical Verve$8.99
Chauchat The Cough of A Crane LP Unread$11.99
Chavez Better Days Will Haunt You 2xCD+DVD Matador$15.99
Chavez Gone Glimmering LP Matador$17.98
Chavez Ride the Fader LP Matador$17.98
Chavez Cockfighters EP 12" Matador$10.98
Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2 Star Stuff LP Company Records$14.98
Cheap Girls Famous Graves LP Xtra Mile$15.98
Cheap Time Wallpaper Music LP In the Red$14.99
Cheatahs Cheatahs LP Wichita$19.98
Cheatahs Sunne 12" EP Wichita$13.98
Cheatahs Murasaki 12" EP Wichita$13.98
Cheatahs Mythologies 2xLP Wichita$22.98
Checkers, The Make a Move CD Teenacide$11.99
cheech & chong big bambu USED LP ode$3.99
Cheermp3 Red Walk CDr Drifting Falling$9.99
Cheer Accident Salad Days Remastered LP Skin Graft$19.98
Cheerleader s/t 7" Endearing$3.50
Cheeseburger s/t CD Aerodrome$5.50
Cheetahs extended Plays LP Wichita$14.98
Cheetahs Cut the Grass/Kenworth 7" Wichita$7.98
chef raekwon immobilarity USED cd loud$4.99
Chelsea Lankes Down For Whatever 7" B3Sci$9.98
Chelsea Light Moving Chelsea Light Moving LP+7" Matador$18.98
Chelsea Wolfe Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs LP Sargent House$17.98
Chelsea Wolfe Apokalypsis LP Pendu Sound$20.98
Chelsea Wolfe Pain is Beauty 2xLP Sargent House$25.98
Chelsea Wolfe Live At Roadburn LP Outer Battery$18.98
Chelsea Wolfe Hiss Spun 2xLP Sargeant House$25.98
Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust CD Astralwerks$13.99
Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust 2xLP Astralwerks$24.98
Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole LP Astralwerks$24.98
Chemical Brothers Hanna (Original Motion Picture Soundrack) LP-Color Music On Vinyl$30.98
Chen Santa Maria Chen Santa Maria CD Zum$8.99
Cherry Glazerr Haxel Princess LP-Color Secretly Canadian$16.98
Cheryl Lynn Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" 180 Gram LP Columbia$8.99
Chessie Signal Series LP Drop Beat$8.99
Chessie Meet 2xLP Drop Beat$12.99
Chessie Approach Limited 7" Drop Beat$3.99
Chesterfields Electric Guitars In Their Hearts CD Cherry Red$13.99
Chet Baker Chet Baker Sings: It Could Happen To You 180g LP Ermitage$16.98
Chet Baker Chet Baker Sings 180g LP Pan Am$18.98
Chet Baker Chet LP Riverside Records$20.98
Chet Faker Thinking In Textures 12" EP Downtown Music$15.98
Chet Faker Built On Glass LP - Pink Downtown$29.98
Cheticamp Aeroplane vs. Automobile CD. Poster Girl$9.95
Cheval de Frise s/t CD Sickroom$12.99
Cheval de Frise Fresques Sur Les Parois Secretes Du Crane CD Frenetic$11.99
chevelle this type of thinking USED cd sony$6.99
Cheveu Cheveu CD Born Bad$15.99
Chevreuil Chateauvallon CD Sick Room$12.99
Chevreuil Sport CD Sickroom$12.99
Chewy Chewy CD Fierce Panda$13.99
Cheyenne Mize/Bonnie Prince Billy Among The Gold 10" Karate Body$15.98
Cheyenne's Comin' Cheyenne's Comin' LP $10.98
Chib Moco CD Fat Cat$11.99
Chic the best of Chic (Dance, Dance, Dance) USED CD Atlantic$6.99
Chicha Libre Canibalismo LP Barbes$15.98
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