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Band Title Label Price
Cane And Able Relating A Message To You LP Epic$11.98
Cannabis Corpse Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise LP Tankcrimes$17.98
Cannibal Corpse the Bleeding USED cd metal blade$7.99
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back To Life PIC DISC LP Metal Blade$22.99
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding PIC DISC LP Metal Blade$22.99
Cannibal Corpse Vile Picture Disc LP Metal Blade$20.98
Cannibal Ox (El-P) Cannibal Oxtrumentals CD Def Jux$15.99
Cannonball Adderley Somethin' Else LP Blue Note$25.98
Cannonball Adderley, Rick Holmes, Nat Adderley Sextet, The Soul Zodiac 2xLP capitol$19.98
Canon Blue Rumspringa CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Cansecos s/t CD Upper Class$12.99
capillary action fragments USED CD pangaea$2.99
Capital Cities In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery LP Capitol$17.98
cappillary action fragments USEd cd pangaea$7.99
Capsule Blue LP+CD Robotic Empire$16.99
Capsules, The The Long Goodbye CD Saint Marie$14.99
Captain Beefheart Safe as Milk LP Buddha$11.98
Captain Beefheart Lick My Decals Off Baby 180 GRAM LP Reprise$17.99
Captain Beefheart Clear Spot 180 gram LP Reprise$11.98
Captain Beefheart Mirror Man 180g LP Buddha$13.98
Captain Beefheart Safe as Milk COLORED VINYL LP Buddha$12.98
Captain Beefheart Safe As Milk 180g LP Buddha$13.98
Captain Beefheart Mirror Man LP Buddha$11.98
Captain Beefheart Bluejeans & Moonbeams LP Mercury$11.98
Captain Beefheart Clear Spot COLOR VINYL LP Warno Bros.$11.98
Captain Beefheart Unconditionally Guaranteed LP Mercury$10.98
Captain Beefheart Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) 180g LP Reprise$11.98
Captain Beefheart The Spotlight Kid COLOR LP Reprise$12.98
Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica (COLOR VINYL) 2xLP Warner Bros$25.98
Captain Beefheart Bat Chain Puller LP - Color Not On Label$19.98
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Safe As Milk CD Buddha$13.50
Captain Soul Beat Your Crazy Head Against the Sky CD Poptones$12.99
Captain Soul Your Time 7" Poptones$3.99
Captive Bolt | Gary Francione Split 7" Dead Tank$5.99
Car Commercials Eric's Diary LP Soft Abuse$14.99
Cara Beth Satalino The Good Ones 12" Bakery Outlet$10.99
Caravan If I Could Do it All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You 180g LP 4 Men With Beards$18.98
Caribbean Verse by Verse CD Endearing$11.99
Caribbeanmp3 History's First Know It All CD Endearing$10.99
Caribbean History's First Know It All LP Tomlab$11.99
Caribbean William of Orange CDEP Hometapes$6.99
Caribbean Plastic Explosives CD Hometapes$10.99
Caribou Yeti CD Manitoba$5.99
Caribou Milk of Human Kindness CD Leaf/Domino$14.99
Caribou Marino DVD Domino$14.99
Caribou Up In Flames 2xCD Domino$11.99
Caribou Melody Day CD Merge$3.99
Caribou Andorra CD Merge$13.99
Caribou Andorra LP Merge$17.98
caribou milk of human kindness used cd the leaf label$7.99
Caribou Swim CD Merge$13.99
Caribou Swim 2xLP Merge$22.98
Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness Reissue LP+CD Leaf$18.99
Caribou Up In Flames Reissue LP+CD Leaf$21.98
Caribou Start Breaking My Heart Reissue LP+CD Leaf$18.99
Caribou Our Love LP Merge$15.98
Carissa's Weird Songs About Leaving LP Hardly Art$13.98
Carissa's Weird You Should Be At Home Here 2xLP Hardly Art$15.98
Carl Sagan A Glorious Dawn 7" Third Man$5.98
Carla Bozulich Boy LP Constellation$20.98
Carla Thomas Gee Whiz LP Atlantic$9.98
Carlos Garnett Black Love LP Muse$11.98
Carlos Giffoni Zamuro LP Important$21.99
Caro Snatch Tidal Warning CD Xstatic$6.99
Carol Kleyn Takin' the Time LP Drag City$16.99
Carolina Chocolate Drops Genuine Negro Jig LP Nonesuch$19.98
Caroline Where's My Love CDEP Temporary Residence$4.99
Caroline Murmurs CD Temporary Residence$9.99
Caroline Sunrise CDs Temporary Residence$4.99
Caroline Now! Puzzle LP Firestation Tower$12.99
Carolyn Franklin I'd Rather Be Lonely LP RCA$9.98
Carousel Jeweler's Daughter LP Tee Pee Records$13.98
Carrie Honey Blue Star CD Static Discos/Dearstereofan$12.99
Carrie 1981 CD Static Discos$12.99
Cars Are The Stars Fragments CD Chez Moi$12.99
cars are the stars aka play-doh fragments USED CD chez moi$3.99
Cars, The Greatest Hits LP Elektra$2.99
Carta The Glass Bottom Boat CD Resonant$15.99
Carter Family Will You Remember Me CD Fruit Tree$15.99
Carter Tutti Void Transverse LP Mute$20.98
Caruso You Heard Me 7" Pickled Egg$3.99
Case Closed Keep CDEP Firestation Tower$7.20
Caseworker These Weeks Sould be Remembered CD Manifesto$10.40
Casey Bill Weldon Bottleneck Guitar Trend Setters of the 1930s 180g LP Yazoo$14.99
Casinomp3 s/t CDEP midsummer madness$7.99
Casino Ashtrays Are Your Boring Ideas of Fun the Same As Mine? CD Jigsaw$9.99
Casino Versus Japan Go Hawaii LP WobblyHead$19.98
Casino vs Japan / Freescha Split CD Wobblyhead$6.99
Casino vs. Japan Hitori + Kaiso: 1998-2001 2xCD Attack9$14.99
Casino vs. Japan Night on Tape CD Attacknine$12.99
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