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Band Title Label Price
Con Dolore This Sad Movie CD Clairecords$11.00
Con Doloremp3 Sailor's Warning CD Clairecords$11.00
Conan O'Brien Live At Third ManLP Third Man$10.98
Concretes Layourbattleaxedown CD Astralwerks$12.99
Concretes Concretes In Colour CD Astralwerks$16.99
Concretes Kids EP CD Licking Fingers$7.99
Concretes Hey Trouble CD Licking Fingers$17.99
concretes kids USED CDEP licking fingers$4.99
Concretes, The s/t CD Astralwerks$16.99
Condo Fucks Fuckbook CD Matador$11.99
Condor Big One CD Narnack$12.99
Condor Do It Everywhere CD Birds Go South$12.99
Congos The Heart of the Congos: 1978 Version Remastered 3xLP 17 North Parade / VP$38.98
Congos, The Heart of The Congos LP VP$16.98
Congratulations Fruit The Brain Theif CD. Animal World$8.00
Conifer Crown Fire CD Important$14.99
Connan Mockasin Caramel LP Phantasy Sound, Because Music$20.98
Connan Mockasin Forever Dolphin Love LP Mexican summer$20.98
Connections Foreign Affairs LP Trouble in Mind$15.98
Connells One Simple Word LP TVT$5.98
Connells, the Boylan Heights LP TVT Records$5.98
Connells, the Darker Days TVT Records$5.98
Conor Oberstmp3 Conor Obsert CD Merge$13.99
Conor Oberstmp3 Conor Oberst 180g LP Merge$17.98
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band One of My Kind LP Team Love$18.98
Conrad Newholmes s/t LP Snakebird$5.99
Conrad Schnitzler Klavierhelm CD Important$12.99
Conrad Schnitzler 00/346 + 00/380: Mixes 1 12" Orac$9.99
consequence consequence presents a tribe called quence USED cd draft$6.99
Constantin Veis Memory-La CD Siesta$17.99
Constantines Tournament of Hearts CD Sub Pop$12.99
Constantines Shine A Light LP Subpop$17.98
Constantines & Feist Islands in the Stream 7" Arts & Crafts$6.99
Contact First Contact LP Temporray Residence$16.98
Contemporary Jazz Quintet Actions 1966-67 CD Atavistic$12.99
Contents Are Through You 180g LP + 2x7" Shadoks$27.98
Continental Fruit Mentor - Mentee CD Smalltown Supersound$14.50
Contriva If You Had Stayed CD Monika$13.99
Contriva Club Hit 12" Monika$6.99
Contriva Separate Chambers CD Morr Music$14.99
Controller Controller History CD Paper Bag$9.99
Controllers The Controllers LP Bacchus Archives$12.98
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind 2xLP Deathwish, Inc.$21.98
Converge Unloved and Weeded Out LP Deathwish, Inc.$15.98
Converge You Fail Me (Redux) LP Deathwish, Inc.$21.98
Converge The Dusk in Us LP Deathwish$21.98
conversions a k&d selection USED cd spray$6.99
Cool Beans Issue #13: The SF Eviction Issue MAG+CD Cool Beans$5.95
Cooper Retrovisor CD Elefant$14.99
Cooper, Robert Fireworks at Noon 7" Library$1.99
Cop City / Chill Pillars Hosed Florida's Dying$15.98
Copper Press Issue #14 MAG+CD Copper Press$5.00
Copper Press Issue #17 MAG+CD Copper Press$5.00
Copy Mobius Beard CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Copy Hair Guitar CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Copy Hair Guitar LP Audio Dregs$10.99
Coral Sea, The Volcano and Heart CD Hidden Agenda$12.99
Coralie Clement Bye Bye Beaute CD Nettwork$16.99
Cordelia's Dad What It Is CD Kimchee$10.50
Corduroy UTD s/t CDEP Summersound$7.99
Corin Tucker Band Kill My Blues CD Kill Rock Stars$14.99
Corin Tucker Band Kill My Blues LP Kill Rock Stars$14.99
Cormega The Realness LP Legal Hustle / The Slimstyle Corp$23.98
Corn Sisters - Neko Case & Carolyn Mark The Other Woman CD Mint$13.99
Cornelius Fantasma CD Matador$9.99
Cornelius FM (Remixes) CD Matador$12.99
Cornelius Point CD Matador$12.99
Cornelius Drop CDEP Matador$6.99
Cornelius Point of View Point CDEP Matador$8.50
Cornelius Sensuous CD Everloving$15.99
Cornelius Sensurround + B-Sides DVD+CD EVE$23.99
Cornelius Fantasma 2xLP Lefse$20.98
Corporation, The The Corporation LP Capitol$13.98
Corrina Repp I Take on Your Days CD Hush$11.60
Corrosion of Conformity Animosity CASS Manufactured Recordings$8.98
Cosmic Connection Iambic CD U-cover$16.99
Cosmic Rough Riders Baby You're So Free RED CDEP Poptones$6.50
Cosmic Rough Riders baby You're So Free GREEN CDEP Poptones$6.50
Cosmic Rough Riders Melanie CDEP Poptones$6.99
Cosmonauts Persona Non Grata LP Burger$16.98
Cosmonauts If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die LP Burger$13.98
Cosmonauts Natalie Wilson's Arm CASSETTE Burger$2.98
Cosmonauts Cosmonauts CASSETTE Burger$2.98
Cosmonauts A-OK! LP Burger $20.98
Cotton Candy Fantastic and Spectacular 7" Teenbeat$5.99
Cotton Museum No Face in the Bog LP Qbico$24.99
Couch Fantasy CD Matador$12.99
Couch Figur 5 LP Morr Music$14.99
Cougs, The The Cougs 7" Bakery Outlet$3.99
Count Ossie & The Rasta Family Man From Higher Heights LP Soul Jazz$24.98
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