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Band Title Label Price
Codeine Frigid Stars CD Sub Pop$9.99
Codeine Barely Real 2xLP+CD Numero Group$25.99
Codeine Frigid Stars 2xLP+CD Numero Group$30.98
Codeine The White Birch 2xLP+CD Numero Group$30.98
codeseven dancing echos/ dead sounds USED cd equal vision$6.99
Cody Anticyclone 7" Shinkansen$4.50
Cody Stillpoint Primer CD Shinkansen$13.99
coheed and cambria in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3 USED cd equal vision$6.99
Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets pf Silent Earth: 3 2xLP Equal Vision Records$39.98
Coheed and Cambria The Color Before the Sun Demos LP 300 Entertainment$19.98
Coke Bust Lines in the Sand LP Six Weeks$12.98
Coke Dares Here We Go With... CD Essay$11.99
Cold Bleak Heat It's Magnificent, But It Isn't War CD Family Vineyard$11.99
Cold Bleak Heat Simitu CD Family Vineyard$11.99
cold blood cold blood USED LP san francisco$1.99
Cold Cave Love Comes Close LP Matador$16.98
Cold Cave Cherish The Light Years LP Matador$16.98
Cold Cave Full Cold Moon LP Deathwish Inc.$16.98
Cold Sides Perpetual Hypeness Machine 12" FrequenC$7.99
Cold War Kids Five Quick Cuts 10" Downtown$15.98
Cold War Kids Live at TMR LP Third Man$10.98
Cold Waste Primitive Cassette Dead Tank$4.98
colder crazy love USED CD output$3.99
Colder The Rain LP Bataille$25.98
Colder Goodbye LP Bataille$25.98
Coldharbourstores All That Matters Now 7" Rocket Girl$4.50
Coldharbourstores A Day Gone By 7" Rocket Girl$4.50
Coldplay X & Y 180g 2xLP Atlantic$24.98
Coldplay Viva La Vida 180g LP Capitol$22.98
Coldplay Parachutes Reissue 180g LP Capitol$18.98
Coldplay A Rush of Blood To The Head Reissue LP Columbia$18.98
Coldplay Ghost Stories 180g LP Parlophone$21.98
Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams 2xLP 180g Atlantic$32.98
Coldplay Kaleidoscope 12"-Color Parlophone$17.98
Cole Marquis treasure Island Serenade CD Devil in the Woods$9.99
Colin Meloy Colin Meloy Sings Live CD Kill Rock Stars$12.99
Colin Michael Gagon & Nixon's Nikon Central Control 7" Isota$3.99
Colin Stetson New History Warfare Volume 2: Judges 180g LP+CD Constellation$20.98
Colin Stetson Those Who Didn't Run 10" Constellation$14.99
Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light CD Constellation$11.99
Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light 2xLP Constellation$25.98
Colin Stetson Sorrow 2xLP 180g 52Hz$27.98
Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol. 2 Judges LP Constellation$20.98
Colin Stetson Hereditary: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP Milan$30.98
Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson Stones LP+CD Rune Grammofon$24.99
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld Never Were The Way She Was LP Constellation$20.98
Collections of Colonies of Bees Six Guitars LP Table of Elements$17.99
Collections of Colonies of Bees Giving CD Hometapes$11.99
Collections of Colonies of Bees Giving LP Hometapes$12.99
Colleen Golden Morning Breaks LP-Color Leaf$22.98
Colleen Everyone Alive Wants Answers CD Leaf$12.99
Colleen Les Ondes Silencieuses CD Leaf$13.99
Colleen Les Ondes Silencieuses LP Leaf$22.98
Colleen Et Les Boites A Musique Colleen Et Les Boites A Musique CD Leaf$9.99
Colleen Green Green One 7" Hardly Art$4.99
Colleen Green Sock It To Me LP Hardly Art$14.98
Colleen Green Sock it To Me CD Hardly Art$10.99
Colleen Green I Want To Grow Up LP Hardly Art$14.98
Collette Carter The New Stroboscopic CD TBTMO$11.99
Collie Ryan The Hour is Now LP Sebastian Speaks$15.99
Colonel Elliot & The Lunatics Interstellar Reggae Drive LP Not on Label$13.98
Color Filter Remixes 2xLP Darla$11.99
Color und Climax Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Counceling CD Diesel Combustible$11.99
Colored Balls Ball Power Reissue LP Sing Sing$24.99
Colorsound Auspicious Beginnings CD 3rd Stone$16.99
Colorsound Soundtrack for an Imaginary Life CD Space Age$16.99
Colossal Yes Acapulco Roughs CD Ba Da Bing$12.99
Colossal Yes Charlemagne's Big Thaw LP Ba Da Bing!$12.99
Colour Kane Mild to Wild CD Fade the World$12.99
Colours Voluptuous Doom 2xCD Frantic Records$27.99
Colter Wall Colter Wall LP Thirty Tigers$18.98
Colter Wall Imaginary Appalachia LP Thirty Tigers$16.98
Com Truise Galactic Melt 2xLP Ghostly International$19.98
Com Truise In Decay 2xLP Ghostly International$18.98
Com Truise Iteration 2xLP-Color Ghostly International$19.98
Com Truise Iteration Cass Ghostly International$7.98
Com Truise Cyanide Sisters 12" Ghostly International$10.00
Comas Wave To Make Friends CD Plastique$13.99
Comas A Def Needle In Tomorrow CD Yep Roc$15.99
Comes With a Smile Issue #13 MAG+CD CWAS$11.50
Comes With a Smile Issue #19 MAG+CD CWAS$13.50
Comet Control Comet Control LP Tee Pee$15.98
Comet Gain Tigertown Pictures CD Kill Rock Stars$13.99
Comet Gain City Fallen Leaves CD Kill Rock stars$13.99
Comet Gain Beautiful Despair 12" What's Your Rupture$10.99
Comet Is Coming Death To The Planet 12" Leaf$17.98
Cometbus Issue #49 MAG Cometbus$1.99
Cometbus Issue #51 MAG Cometbus$2.99
Cometbus Issue #52 - The Spirit of St. Louis MAG Cometbus$2.99
Comets on Fire Field Recordings From the Sun CD Ba Da Bing$12.99
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