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Band Title Label Price
Ben Folds So There 2xLP New West$27.98
Ben Folds and Nick Hornby Lonely Avenue LP Nonesuch$16.98
Ben Frost Theory of Machines LP Bedroom Community$21.98
Ben Frost Steel Wound LP Room40$25.98
Ben Frost By The Throat LP Bedroom Community$23.98
Ben Frost A U R O R A Ltd. Yellow Vinyl LP Mute$24.98
Ben Frost The Centre Cannot Hold LP Mute$22.98
Ben Kweller Sha Sha CD RCA$13.99
Ben Kweller On My Way CD ATO/RCA$13.99
Ben Pirani How Do I Talk to My Brother BLUE VINYL PREORDER LP Colemine$22.98
Ben Reynolds Music Is The Music Language CD Ikuisuus$17.99
Ben Steinert Assault Glory, Honor and Power CD Thirsty Skin$9.99
Ben Watt Outspoken 12" Astralwerks$5.99
Ben Watt Outspoken CD Astralwerks$6.99
Benett Welcome to the Jungle CD March$9.99
Benett Amor, The Seven Inch 7" Contact$3.99
Benjamin Booker Live At Third Man Records LP Third Man$12.98
Benji Cossa Benji Cossa's Vault Volume 1 CD Magic Marker$12.99
Benni Hemm Hemm Beginning End 7" Morr Music$6.99
Benni Hemm Hemm Benni Hemm Hemm CD Sound of A Handshake$15.99
Benni Hemm Hemm Skvavars 7" Morr Music$6.99
Benni Hemm Hemm Kajak CD Morr Music$15.99
Benni Hemm Hemm Kajak LP+7" Morr Music$15.99
Benoit Pioulard Precis CD Kranky$12.99
Benoit Pioulard Temper CD Kranky$12.99
Benoit Pioulard Precis | Temper 2xLP Kranky$18.99
Benoit Pioulard Lasted CD Kranky$12.99
Benoit Pioulard Lasted LP Kranky$14.98
Benoit Pioulard Hymnal LP Kranky$15.98
Benoit Pioulard Temper LP Kranky$19.98
Berg Sans Nipple Along The Quai CD Team Love$12.99
Bergsonist Mutation LP $10.74
Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle CD Radioactive$14.99
Bernadette Carroll Laughing on the Outside 7" Numero Group$6.98
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie Lialeh LP Light In The Attic$22.98
Bernard Fevre Cosmos 2043 LP Anthology$20.98
Bernard Hermann Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo Soundtrack 180g LP Vinyl Passion$19.98
Bernard Herrmann Psycho Original Film Score LP Doxy$23.98
Berry Marriage CD Right Place Records$11.99
Bert Jansch The Black Swan CD Drag City$13.99
Bert Jansch It Don't Bother Me LP Superior Viaduct$24.98
Bert Myrick Live 'n Well LP BBE$29.98
Besnard Lakesmp3 Volume 1 CD Jagjaguwar / Breakglass$11.99
Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Besnard Lakes Casino Nanaimo 12" Jagjaguwar$9.99
Besnard Lakes Until in Excess Imperceptible UFO LP Jagjaguwar$12.99
Besnard Lakes, The A Coliseum Complex Museum LP Jagjaguwar$15.98
Besombes Rizet Pole LP Gonzai$28.98
Best Coast Crazy for You LP Mexican Summer$16.98
Best Coast The Only Place CD Mexican Summer$11.99
Best Coast The Only Place LP Mexican Summer$16.98
Best Coast Fade Away LP Jewel City$12.98
Best Coast When I'm With You/This Is Real 7" Black Iris$4.98
Best Coast When I'm With You b/w This Is Real 7" Black Iris$5.98
Best Coast California Nights LP Harvest$22.98
Best Friends Group When Everyone's Around CDEP Magic Marker$10.99
Beta Band Heros to Zeroes CD Astralwerks$16.99
Beta Band Hot Shots II CD Astralwerks$16.99
Beth Orton Sugaring Season LP Anti$17.99
Bethany Curve Mee-Eaux CD Manufactured Recordings$12.98
Bethany Curve Mee-Eaux Cass Manufactured Recordings$8.98
Bettie Serveert Log 22 CD Hidden Agenda$12.99
Bettie Serveert Attagirl CD Minty Fresh$14.99
Betty Davis They Say I'm Different CD Light In The Attic$13.99
Betty Davis Betty Davis CD Light In The Attic$13.99
Betty Davis Betty Davis LP Light In The Attic$22.98
Betty Davis The Columbia Years LP Light in the Attic$25.98
Betty Harris The Lost Soul Queen of New Orleans 2xLP Soul Jazz Records$30.98
Betty Padgett Betty Padgett LP Luv N Haight$20.98
Betty Page World Of A Pin-Up Queen CD-ROM QDK$18.99
Bettye Swann s/t CD Honest Jons$15.99
Bettye Swann Make Me Yours LP Money$13.98
Beulah The Coast is Never Clear CD Velocette$14.99
Beulah Yoko CD Velocette$14.99
Beulah A Good Band Is Easy To Kill DVD Further Down Films$9.99
Bevel Down the Puppet String, Marionettes CD Jagjaguwar$5.99
Beverly Blue Swell LP Kanine$16.98
Bevis Frond Live at the Great American Music Hall CD Flydaddy$9.99
Bexar Bexar Tropism CD Western Vinyl$11.99
Beyonce B'Day LP Sony$21.98
Beyonce Beyonce 2xLP + DVD Columbia, Parkwood Entertainment$39.98
Bibio Hand Cranked CD Mush$9.99
Bibio Ambivalence Avenue CD Warp$12.99
Bibio Mind Bokeh CD Warp$16.99
Bibio K Is For Kelsom LP Warp$11.98
Bibio Fi LP Warp$26.98
Bibio Beyond Serious LP Warp$16.98
Bicycle s/t CD Capricorn$8.99
Biff Bang Pow! Waterbomb LP Poppydisc$17.98
Biff Medways Medway Wheelers CD Damaged Goods$14.99
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