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Band Title Label Price
Battles Tonto + 2xCD Warp$8.99
Battles Mirrored CD Warp$12.99
Battles Gloss Drop LP Warp$24.98
Battles Mirrored 2xLP Warp$24.98
Battles EP C/B 2xLP Warp$24.98
Battles Dross Glop 2 LP Warp Records$14.98
Battles La Di Da Di 2xLP Warp$25.98
Battles Dross Glop 3 Warp Records$14.98
Battles EP C CD Monitor$9.99
Battletorn Evil Chains LP Troubleman$10.99
Bauhaus Crackle: The Best of Bauhaus CD Beggars Banquet$12.99
Bauhaus 1979-1983: Volume 1 CD Beggars Banquet$13.99
Bauhaus In the Flat Field CD 4AD$9.99
Bauhaus In Flat Field REISSUE DELUXE EDITION 2xLP 4AD$40.99
Bauhaus In The Flatfield REISSUE LP 4AD$19.98
Bauhaus Crackle: Best of Bauhaus REISSUE LP Beggars Banquet$32.98
Bauhaus In the Flat Field: Remastered LP 4AD$16.98
Bauhaus Mask LP Beggars Banquet$16.98
Baxxter Russian Song 7" Bearos$0.99
Be Your Own Pet Get Damaged CDEP XL$3.99
Be Your Own Pet Be Your Own Pet CD Ecstatic Peace$9.99
be your own PET Damn Damn Leash CD XL$3.99
Be Your Own Pet Summer Sensation CD Ecstatic Peace$5.99
Beach Boys Smiley Smile / Wild Honey CD Capitol$11.99
Beach Boys Pet Sounds CD Capitol$15.99
Beach Boys Pet Sounds 180 GRAM LP Capitol$25.98
Beach Boys Pet Sounds LP Simply Vinyl$14.98
Beach Day Native Echoes LP Kanine$16.98
Beach Fossils Beach Fossils Cass Captured Tracks$7.98
Beach Fossils What A Pleasure Cass Captured Tracks$7.98
Beach Fossils Beach Fossils CD Captured Tracks$10.98
Beach Fossils Beach Fossils LP Captured Tracks$15.98
Beach Fossils Shallow 7" Captured Tracks$5.98
Beach Fossils What A Pleasure EP CD Captured Tracks$10.98
Beach Fossils Clash The Truth CD Captured Tracks$12.98
Beach Fossils Face It 7" Captured Tracks$5.99
Beach Fossils What A Pleasure EP 12" Captured Tracks$15.98
Beach Fossils Clash the Truth LP Captured Tracks$18.98
Beach Fossils Clash The Truth Cass Captured Tracks$7.98
Beach House Depression Cherry Cass Sub Pop$7.98
Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars Cass Sub Pop$7.98
Beach House Depression Cherry LP Sub Pop$19.98
Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars LP Sub Pop$18.98
Beach House Beach House LP Heart Break Beat$14.99
Beach House Devotion LP Carpark$16.98
Beach House Teen Dream CD+DVD Sub Pop$14.99
Beach House Bloom 180g 2xLP Sub Pop$20.98
Beach House Teen Dream 2xLP+DVD Sub Pop$19.98
Beach House Bloom CD Sub Pop$12.99
Beach Slang The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us LP Polyvinyl$18.98
Beach Slang A Lound Bash of Teenage Feeling LP Polyvinyl$21.98
Beachbuggy From the South 7" Poptones$3.50
Beaches She Beats LP Chapter Music$19.98
Beachniks Beachniks 7" Captured Tracks$6.99
Beachwood Sparks Tarnished Gold 2xLP Sub Pop$17.99
Beachwood Sparks Desert Skies LP Alive$17.98
Beachwood Sparks Desert Skies Color LP Alive$23.98
Beachwood Sparks s/t LP Bomp$16.98
Beachwood Sparks Make the Cowboy Robots Cry CD Sub Pop$9.99
Beachwood Sparks s/t CD Sub Pop$11.99
Beachwood Sparks Once We Were Trees CD Sub Pop$13.99
Beacon The Ways We Separate LP Ghostly International$15.98
Beacon Escapements LP Ghostly International$15.98
Beakers Four Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution LP K$10.99
Beakers Four Steps Toward a Cultural Revolution CD K$11.99
Beanpole From Blue to You CD Jigsaw$9.98
Beanpole Random Musings Vol. 1 CDEP Jigsaw$6.98
Beanpole / Holiday Flyer split 7" Papercut$2.99
Beans Crane Wars LP Zum$9.50
Beans Now Soon Someday CD Warp$10.50
Beans Tomorrow Right Now CD Warp$16.99
Beans Tired Snow EP CD Zum$5.50
Beans Down by Law 12" Warp$6.99
Beans Shock City Maverick CD Warp$14.99
Beans Bassplayer CD Intr_Version$13.99
Beans with William Parker & Hamid Drake Only CD Thirsty Ear$15.99
Bear Schadenfreude CD Vespertine$11.99
Bear in Heaven I Love You, It's Cool LP Dead Oceans$15.98
Bear in Heaven Time is Over One Day Old COLOR LP Secrretly Canadian$15.98
Bearsmp3 Bears CD Bears$10.99
Bearsmp3 Shortest Day Of The Year CD Bears Pop$5.99
Bearsmp3 Simple Machinery CD Self-Released$9.99
Bearsuit Steven F***ing Spielberg 7" Fantastic Plastic$7.99
Bearsuit Cat Spectacular CD Microindie$9.99
Bearsuit Team Ping Pong CD Fantastic Plastic$14.99
Beartooth Disgusting LP Red Bull$21.98
Beastie Boys Too Many Rappers 12" Capitol$4.98
Beastie Boys The Mix-Up LP Capitol$26.98
Beastie Boys Solid Gold Hits 2xLP Capitol$26.98
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