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Band Title Label Price
Bandoppler Spring 04 MAG Bandoppler$4.95
Banner Pilot Souvenir LP Fat Wreck$15.98
Baptizer s/t Cassette Popnihil$4.98
Barbara & Ernie Prelude To LP Cotillion$11.98
Barbara Acklin Seven Days of Night LP Brunswick$11.98
Barbara Acklin Love Makes A Woman LP Brunswick$11.98
Barbara Acklin A Place In The Sun LP Capitol$12.98
Barbara Lynn Here Is Barbara Lynn LP Light In The Attic$22.98
Barbara Morgenstern The Grass Is Always Greener LP Monika$14.99
Barbara Morgenstern The Grass Is Always Greener CD Monika$14.99
Barbara Morgenstern The Operator CD Monika$6.99
Barbara Morgenstern The Operator 7" Monika$6.99
Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok Tesri CD Monika$14.99
Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok Tesri LP Monika$14.99
Barcelona Studio Hair Gel EP CD March$6.50
Bardo Martinez And The Soul Investigators Bad Education 7" Timmion$9.98
Bardo Pond Set and Setting CD Matador$12.99
Bardo Pond Bufo Alvarius, Amen CD Drunken Fish$12.99
Bardo Pond Dilate CD Matador$12.99
Bardo Pond On the Ellipse CD ATP$14.99
Bardo Pond Ticket Crystals CD ATP$14.99
Bardo Pond Batholith 180g LP+CD Three Lobed$49.99
Bardo Pond Refulgo 2xLP Three Lobed$33.98
Bardo Pond & Yo La Tengo Parallelogram LP Three Lobed$24.98
Bardo Pond / Pre Keep Mother Vol. 5 10" Fire$19.99
Bare Mutants The Affliction LP In The Red$17.98
Bare Wires Idle Dreams LP Southpaw$15.99
Bare Wires Seeking Love LP Castle Face$13.99
Barenaked Ladies Gordon 2xLP Reprise Records$31.98
Bark Haze Total Joke Era CD Important$12.99
Bark Haze Untitled LP Important$13.99
Bark Psychosis 400 Winters CD Fire$9.99
Barnacled Table No 12 7" White Denim$3.99
Baroness Yellow & Green 2xLP Relapse$27.98
Baroness Red Album LP Relapse$26.98
Baroness Purple LP Abraxan Hymns$19.98
Baroness Try to Disappear PIC DISC LP Abraxan Hymns$19.98
Baroness Morningstar PIC DISC LP Abraxan Hymns$19.98
Baroque Bordello Abnormal Songs LP Qbico$23.99
Barr Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case CD 5RC$13.99
Barracudas Drop Out With LP Bomp$13.98
Barracudas Drop Acid With 10" Bomp$9.98
Barrett Strong Let's Rock 7" Third Man$5.98
Barrett Strong Money 7" Third Man$5.98
Barrett, Michael Couches and Carpet CD Planting Seeds$10.99
Barrington Levy Robin Hood LP Greensleeves Records$13.98
Barrington Levy Sweet Reggae Music LP 17 North Parade$13.98
Barrington Levy Englishman LP Greensleeves$14.98
Barry Black s/t CD Alias$12.99
Barry Gray Space: 1999 LP RCA$10.98
Bart and Friends Stories With the Endings Changed CD Lost & Lonesome$14.99
Bart Davenport s/t CD Paris Caramel$11.99
Bart Davenport Game Preserve CD Antenna Farm$12.99
Bart Davenport Seal The Deal CD Antenna Farm$7.99
Barzin s/t CD Where Are My Records$11.99
Barzin Just More Drugs CD Monotreme$6.99
Basalt Fingers Basalt Fingers 180g LP+CD Three lobed$24.99
Basement Colourmeinkindness LP Run For Cover$15.98
Basement I Wish I Could Stay Here LP Run For Cover$14.98
Basement Further Sky 7" Run For Cover$5.98
Basement Promise Everything LP Run For Cover$19.98
Basement Colourmeinkindness Cass Run For Cover$7.98
Basement Apartmentmp3 Transistor! CD mpls ltd$9.99
Basement Apartmentmp3 Pine Tree Hill CD mpls ltd$9.99
Basement Benders Lydiad LP No Idea$15.98
Basement Jaxx Remedy 2xLP XL$19.98
Basement Jaxx The Singles LP - COLOR XL$29.98
Bash & Pop Anything Could Happen LP Fat Possum$16.98
Basia Bulat Oh, My Darling CD Rough Trade$11.99
Basil Kirchin I Start Counting LP Trunk$31.98
Basinski, William Disintegration Loops 5xCD+DVD Temporary Residence$75.98
Basinski, William Variations: A Movement In Chrome Primitive CD 2062$24.98
Baskervilles s/t CD Secret Crush$9.99
Baskervilles Midnight CD Secret Crush$7.99
Bass Communion Molotov And Haze CD Important$13.99
Bass Drum of Death GB City LP Inflated / Fat Possum$13.98
Bass Drum Of Death Bass Drum Of Death LP Innovative Leisure$17.98
Bass Drum Of Death Rip This Innovative Leisure$19.98
Bassholes Secret Strength of Depression LP Sympathy For the Record Industry$11.98
Bastard Wing Crystal Thicket CD Free Porcupine Society$13.99
Bastille Bad Blood LP Virgin$30.98
Bat for Lashes The Bride 2xLP Parlophone$39.98
Bathory Bathory Picture Disc LP $29.98
Bathory The Return Of Darkness And Evil LP BMPD$29.98
Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP BPMD$29.98
Baths Cerulean LP Anticon$18.98
Baths Obsidian LP Anticon$19.98
Baths Ocean Death LP Anticon$16.98
Baths Romaplasm LP Anticon$23.98
Bathtub Shitter Bathtub Shitter Xmas 3" CD Tumult$6.99
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