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Band Title Label Price
Brigitte Fontaine Plans Fixes 3xCD BOX SET Virgin France$49.99
Brigitte Fontaine Comme A La Radio LP SV$21.98
Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors 12" Captured Tracks$14.99
Brilliant Colors Introducing CD Slumberland$12.99
Brilliant Colors Introducing LP Slumberland$9.99
Brilliant Colors Again and Again LP Slumberland$12.99
Brim Liski Brim Liski CD Latenight Weeknight$7.99
Brincando de Deus Playing God 7" Quiddity$3.50
Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal LP+CD Epitaph$19.98
Bring Me The Horizon That's The Spirit LP+CD RCA$29.98
Bring Me the Horizon Suicide Season LP Epitaph$19.98
Bring Me the Horizon 2004-2013 2xLP Epitaph$23.98
Bristols, The Tune In With... CD Damaged Goods$13.99
British Sea Power Decline of British Sea Power CD Rough Trade$13.99
Britta Johnson with Mirah and Spectratone International Share This Place DVD K$14.99
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham Sonic Souvenirs CD Jetset$8.99
Brittle Starsmp3 Occasional Appearance CD Fastcut Records$16.99
Broadcast Pendulum CD Warp$6.99
Broadcast Tender Buttons LP Warp$23.98
Broadcast Berberian Sound Studio CD Warp$13.99
Broadcast Berberian Sound Studio LP Warp$18.99
Broadcast Haha Sound LP Warp$25.98
Broadcast The Noise Made By People LP Warop$25.98
Broadcast Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age LP Warp$23.98
Broadcast Work And Non Work LP Warp$23.98
Broadcast Future Crayon 2xLP Warp$25.98
broaddaylightmp3 Anniversaries: Reunions CD Saint Marie$12.99
Broadfield Marchers When the Lifted Connive LP St. Ives$9.99
Broadways Broken Star LP No Idea$13.98
Broken Bells Broken Bells LP Columbia$22.98
Broken Bells After The Disco LP Columbia$23.98
Broken Consort, A Box of Birch LP Tompkins Square$15.99
Broken Dog Brighter Now CD Kitty Kitty$15.99
Broken Dog Anchor / Sing Little Bird Sing 7" Kitty Kitty$4.50
Broken Records Until The Earth Begins to Part CD 4AD$11.99
Broken Records Until The Earth Begins to Part LP 4AD$12.99
Broken Social Scene Feel Good Lost CD Arts and Crafts$13.99
Broken Social Scene You Forgot it in People 2xLP Arts and Crafts$22.98
Broken Social Scene Bee Hives CD Arts & Crafts$12.99
Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene CD Arts and Crafts$15.99
Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene 2xLP Arts & Crafts$22.98
Broken Social Scene Hug of Thunder LP RCA$27.98
Broken Spindles s/t CD Tiger Style$11.99
Broken Spindles s/t LP Tiger Style$9.99
Broken Spindles Fulfilled/Complete CD Saddle Creek$11.99
Broken Spindles Inside/Absent 180g LP Saddle Creek$11.99
Broken Water Tempest LP Hardly Art$11.99
Bronco Bullfrog What People Did Before TV CD Cherry Red$12.99
Bronson Comet Lighter / Want split 7" MykeDroner$4.50
Bronze The Statue in the Stone CD Bus Stop$12.99
Bronze The Presence of Greatness CDEP Bus Stop$3.99
Brood Ma Daze LP Tri Angle$16.98
Brother Ah Move Ever Onward LP Manufactured $20.98
Brother Ah Sound Awareness LP Manufatured$20.98
Brother Ah & The Sound Of Awareness Key To Nowhere LP Manufactured $20.98
Brother Ali All The Beauty In This Whole Life 2xLP Rhymesayers Entertainment$28.98
Brother Jack McDuff Down Home Style LP Blue Note$13.98
brother jt off blue USED cd birdman$7.99
Brother JT3 Hang in There baby CD Drag City$13.99
Brother JT3 Jelly Roll Gospel LP Drag City$14.99
Brother Kitemp3 Moonlit Race EP CD Clairecords$8.00
Brother Kitemp3 Isolation CD Clairecords$12.00
Brother Kitemp3 Aching Heart, Clear Conscience 7" Light Fighter$4.99
Brother Kite Eye to Eye EP CD Clairecords$6.00
Brother Kite / Daydream Nation / Heliconiamp3 Club AC30 #7 CDr Club AC30$4.99
Brother Kite / Plumerai Split 7" Clairecords$4.00
Brother Kite, Themp3 thebrotherkite CD Clairecords$11.00
Brother Kite, Themp3 Waiting For The Time To be Right CD Clairecords$15.00
Brother Kite, The Model Rocket CD Clairecords$12.00
Brother Kite, The Model Rocket LP Light Fighter / Clairecords$15.00
Brothers Martin The Brothers Martin CD Tooth & Nail$14.99
Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth LP Neurot$18.98
Brothers Unlimited Who's For The Young LP Capitol$13.98
Brotzmann / Hopkins / Rashied Ali Songlines 2xLP Trost$32.98
Brown Bombers & Soul Partners Wait For Me 7" Numero$6.98
Brown Palace Brown Palace CD Mark It 8 Records$6.99
Brown Recluse Soft Skin 12" Slumberland$7.99
Brown Recluse Evening Tapestry CD Slumberland$9.99
Brown Recluse Evening Tapestry LP Slumberland$12.99
Brownout Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath LP Ubiquity$19.98
Bruce Haack Electric Lucifer Book 2 180g LP QDK$23.98
Bruce Haack Hush Little Robot CD QDK$14.99
Bruce Haack Hush Little Robot LP QDK$16.99
Bruce Haack Farad: The Electric Voice 2xLP Stones Throw$20.98
Bruce Haack The Electric Lucifer LP Telephone Explosion$24.98
Bruce Russell Project For a Revolution in New York LP Siltbreeze$8.99
Bruce Russell Gilded Splinters CD Spirit of Orr$14.99
Bruces, The The Shining Path CD Misra$11.99
Brujeria Mextremist Hits CD Kool Arrow$10.50
Brunettes Structure and Cosmetics CD Sub Pop$12.99
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