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Band Title Label Price
Boy Harsher Lesser Man: Extended Version 12" Nude Club$20.98
Boy Harsher Pain II 12" Nude Club$10.98
Boy In Static Violet CD Mush$12.99
Boy Robot Set It for Me 12" City Centre Offices$9.50
Boy Robot Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle CD City Centre Offices$16.99
Boy Robot Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle 2xLP City Centre Offices$17.99
Boy Robot Rotten Cocktails CD City Centre Offices$14.99
Boy Robot Rotten Cocktails LP City Centre Offices$14.99
Boyce & Hart I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight CD Rev-ola$12.99
Boyfriend's Dead | Civic Anorak Shoegazer CD High Fader$15.99
boylucas / layer The Bianca Series Split LP Disasters by Choice$14.99
Boyracer Check Your F**king Hi$tory CD 555$6.99
Boyracer A Punch Up The Bracket CD 555$12.99
Boyracer / Beatnik Filmstars Split 7" 555$4.99
Boyracer / Cannanes / Mytty Archer Split 7" 555$4.99
Boyracer / Que Possum Split 7" 555$4.99
Boys Life Departures and Landfalls LP Topshelf$16.98
Boys, The In Concert 1980 LP Vinyl Japan$9.99
Boyskout School of Ettiquette CD Alive$12.99
Br. Danielson Brother is to Son CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Bracken We Know About The Need CD Anticon$13.99
Bracken Heathens 12" Anticon$6.99
Brad Fiedel The Terminator Soundtrack 2xLP Milan$35.98
Brad Laner Natural Selections CD Hometapes$10.99
Brad Laner Natural Selections LP Hometapes$12.99
Brad Laner Nearest Suns LP Hometapes$15.98
Brad Laner / Joensuu 1685 Split 12" Hometapes$10.99
Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana Mehliana: Taming The Dragon LP Nonesuch$29.98
Brad Mehldau Trio Seymour Reads the Constitution LP Nonesuch$24.98
Braid The Age of Octeen Remastered LP Polyvinyl$15.98
Braids Native Speaker CD Kanine$10.99
Braids Native Speaker LP Kanine$14.98
Braids In Kind | Amends 12" Arbutus$9.99
Braids Flourish/Perish 2xLP Arbutus$16.98
Braids Companian 12" EP Arbtus$13.98
Brain Ellis Group Escondido Sessions LP El Paraiso$22.98
Brain Eno Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) LP Not on Label$26.98
Brainticket Celestial Ocean LP Lillith$18.98
Brakes Give Blood CD Rough Trade$14.99
Brand New Deja Entendu 2xLP Triple Crown$28.98
Brand New Daisy LP DGC$26.98
Brand New Your Favorite Weapon LP Triple Crown$16.98
Brand New The Devil And God are Raging Inside of Me 2xLP Triple Crown$27.98
Brand New Demos 10" Procrastinate! Music Traitors$13.99
Brand New I Am a Nightmare 12" Procrastinate Music Traitors$10.99
Brand New Science Fiction 2xLP Procrastinate Music Traitors$29.98
Brand New Mene 7" Procrastinate Music Traitors$6.98
Brand Nubian One For All 2xLP Traffic$21.98
Brandi Carlile The Story 2xLP Columbia$33.98
Brandi Carlile The Firewatcher's Daughter 2xLP ATO Records$26.98
Brando 943 Recluse CD Recordhead$12.99
Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect LP Island Records$22.98
Brasil And The Gallowbrothers Band s/t CD Last Visible Dog$11.99
Brasiliamp3 A Life Desired LP Unovis / Obscurist Press$7.99
Bratmobile Pottymouth LP - Pink Kill Rock Stars$19.98
Brave Captain Better Living Through Experimentation CDEP Wichita$8.99
Brave Captain Corporation Man CD Boobytrap$6.99
Brave Captain Better Living Through Experimentation 2x7" Wichita$4.99
Brave Captain Fingertip Saint Sessions V. 1 10" Wichita$7.99
Brave Captain Go With Yourself (Fingertip Saint Sessions Vol 2) CD Wichita$12.99
Brave Irene Brave Irene CD Slumberland$9.99
Breaker! Breaker! Where All the Birds Yell CD Velocirecords$11.20
Breakestra Hit the Floor LP Ubiquity$14.98
Breathe Stone / Does Split CD Dark Holler$6.50
Breathless Glass Bead Game CD Tenor Vossa$13.99
Breathless Between Happiness and Heartache CD Tenor Vossa$14.99
Breathless Blue Moon CD Tenor Vossa$13.99
Breeders Mountain Battles CD 4AD$11.99
Breeders Last Splash LP-Color Plain Recordings$23.98
Brent Arnold and the Spheres Last Boat CD Up$10.99
Brent Cash How Will I Know If I'm Awake CD Marina$16.98
Brent Gutzeit Drug Money CD Kranky$12.99
Brenton Wood Oogum Boogum CASS Double Shot$6.98
Brett Netson and Snakes Scavenger Cult 12" EP Tym $17.98
bri Natural Fact CDr bri$6.50
Brian Eno Ambient 1: Music for Airports - Original Masters Series CD Astralwerks$15.99
Brian Eno Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks CD Astralwerks$15.99
Brian Eno LUX 2xLP Warp$25.98
Brian Eno Here Come The Warm Jets LP Polydore$21.98
Brian Eno BBC Sessions LP Not on Label$15.98
Brian Eno Shutov Assembly 2xLP All Saints$29.98
Brian Eno Nerve Net 2xLP All Saints$29.98
Brian Eno The Drop 2xLP All Saints$29.98
Brian Eno BBC Sessios LP - Color Not On Label$16.98
Brian Eno Another Green World LP Astralwerks$21.98
Brian Eno The Ship LP Warp$26.98
Brian Eno Reflection 2xLP Warp$25.98
Brian Eno Before and After Science LP Astralwerks$21.98
Brian Eno Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy LP Astralwerks$21.98
Brian Grainger Eight Thousander CD Attacknine$12.99
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